Bioenergy healing in Bioenergy center – Pula, Croatia.
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Over 7 billion people need energy to live but with fossil fuels in decline, how will we keep the lights on?
Fossil fuels are no longer the only, the best or even the cheapest solution to our energy demands. Mankind’s oldest solution may be the answer. to this problem. Our cavemen ancestors knew the benefit of bioenergy every time they kept warm by a wood fire.

We can use all sorts of organic matter and waste to help keep the lights on. We can use waste, residues, food waste and manufacturing by-products instead.
Our research at the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) is showing that this waste can become useful. It can be turned into clean, renewable energy – bioenergy.

EBRI conducts world-class bioenergy research ranging from fundamental research and development through to the deployment of innovative technologies. Our team of internationally-renowned researchers are focused on developing innovative methods of generating energy from biomass waste and residues.

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