The EU is urging the UK government to review its biomass strategy, saying burning wood should no longer be classed as carbon neutral.

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial strategy says subsidies are only given to biomass which complies with strict sustainability criteria and biomass is a “valuable” part of the National Grid.

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Powermax Biomass Gasification Power Plant, Waste To Energy, Biomass To Energy, biomass gasifier, MSW gasifier, RDF gasifier, biomass power plant, waste power plant, msw gasification power plant, msw power plant.

The basic principle of POWERMAX’s biomass gasification system(abbreviated as BGPS) is to convert Agriculture and forestry products and wood processing remains(including rice husk, wood powder,branches, offcuts, corn straws, rice straws, wheat straws, cotton straws, fruit shells, coconut shells, palm shells, bagasse, corn cobs and etc.),MSW and RDF into combustible gas.

Our biomass gasification process includes three steps. The First step is biomass gasification, which convert biomass into syngas.The Second step is syngas purification.The producer gas coming from gasifier usually contains contaminants including dust, coke, tar and etc. The contaminants will be removed by the purification system to ensure normal operation of gas engine.

The Third step is power generating in gas engine. The high temperature exhaust gas may be reused by waste heat boiler to generate steam or hot water for civil or industrial use.Steam turbine may also be considered to make a gas-steam combined cycle power plant, which will increase the total efficiency.

The POWERMAX biomass gasification power generation systems are based on a modular concept and are able to applicable for 50-20000KW biomass power station.

A series biomass generator sets from 50KW to 1200KW are developed by POWERMAX to combine with POWERMAX advanced gasification technology.

These gas generator sets are using the high efficiency Siemens technology alternators,Chinese top brand medium speed gas engine(500-1500rmp) with advanced European engine control systems. The high performance of the POWERMAX biomass gasification plants and the later production of electricity with the gensets represents a competitive solution when compared with conventional boiler-fired system.

Comparing with other renewable power generating system, POWERMAX-BGPS is characteristic of:
1) Flexibility. Gas engine,gas turbine and even waste heat
recovery boiler may be used considering various power plant
capacity requirements. It ensures high power generating
efficiency. Different capacities of biomass power generation
plant can be designed with various types of POWERMAX-BGPS system.

2) Clean technology. Biomass, as one kind of renewable energy,
may reduce the emission of carbon dioxide causingfrom fossil fuel.Nitrogen oxides emission is very limited in our biomass gasification power generating system because of low temperature(700℃-1200℃)。

3) Economical. POWERMAX-BGPS is capacity flexible.Even small size biomass power plant is also profitable process and less land requirements make biomass gasification power plant more economical comparing with other renewable energy.Generally speaking,biomass gasification power generating is the most economical technology in renewable power generating is the most economical technology in renewable power generating plant,the cost of which is nearly the same as small-size conventional power plant.

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