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녹색기업, 친환경 공정으로 주목받다

With fine dust emerging as the country’s biggest concern,… more and more companies in South Korea are going green to minimize their carbon footprint and emissions.
Process innovation and new systems… are helping them conserve energy, reduce pollution, and boost productivity all at the same time.
Yoon Jung-min reports.

In the modern era, companies not only focus on generating profits,… but protecting the natural environment as well.
An auto parts maker in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggido-Province,… is one of the many firms that are now going green.
Last month, its plant was given an award by Korea’s environment minister… for its effort to reduce the creation of harmful substances.

The plant invented a new, automated welding machine… to conserve materials used in the production process.
It also adopted an automated waste management system… to safely handle and minimize waste water.
An energy storage system is used to save up energy overnight,… so that it can be used during the daytime hours.
Since the plant adopted these eco-friendly techniques,… its productivity has risen 32 percent,… while energy consumption decreased by 12 percent compared to 2010.

“Since we adopted the eco-friendly system, output increased in our plant while energy usage decreased. Also, we were able to reduce our amount of pollutant emissions.”

“Eco-friendly management and innovation, not just profits, are becoming more important for sustainable development. By awarding businesses with the green company label, we plan to raise social responsibility in the corporate sector.”

Other companies that have been recognized as green firms include… Korea Midland Power Incheon branch, Korea Southern Power Busan branch, Mando Corporation Iksan plant and a hydro-electric power plant in Cheongsong run by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.

These companies say businesses should be more responsible for protecting the environment for long-term benefits to our society.
Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

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