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Why This Liquid That Stores Solar Energy for Years Matters

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Exploring why this liquid that stores solar energy for years matters. To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius: Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video! Storing solar energy cheaply and efficiently is a key component for the future of renewable energy. Even though lithium ion batteries are great for solar power, they can still be costly and, depending on the chemistry, there can be safety concerns. There are ways we can store solar energy more directly though … and one of those is heat. For instance, concentrated solar energy plants can use that heat for producing electricity, cement, steel, green hydrogen, or anything else that needs high temperatures. Or for storing that thermal energy for days. A recent breakthrough could allow us to store solar energy directly into a liquid for up to 18 years. How’s it work? And could this be a viable path forward for solar energy storage? Let’s see if we can come to a decision on this.

Watch Exploring Solar Panel Efficiency Breakthroughs in 2022

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Rescue Heroes™ – Recycling Matters! | Episode 14 | Kids Videos | Kids Heroes | Cartoon Heroes

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The newest Rescue Heroes, Al Valanche & Claws, join the team on a mission to the North Sea where an island of garbage is threatening aquatic animals! Sandy takes the lead and helps the team learn about the dangers of single-use plastics and the importance of recycling.

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