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The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion

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Over the past decade, prices for solar panels and wind farms have reached all-time lows. However, the price for lithium ion batteries, the leading energy storage technology, has remained too high. So researchers are exploring other alternatives, including flow batteries, thermal batteries, and gravity-based systems.

CORRECTION (March 14, 2020): At 12:53 we incorrectly identify the size of the energy storage market. Overall, the energy storage market is predicted to attract 0 billion dollars in investments by 2040.

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The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion

Are Teslas Actually Better For The Environment?

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Are Teslas Better For The Environment Than Gasoline Cars?
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Are Tesla Electric Cars actually better for the environment versus alternative energy sources? Do electric cars have lower emissions, even if their energy comes from fossil fuels? Between electric, hydrogen, gasoline, diesel, and hybrids, which uses the least amount of total energy, from well to wheel? This video will analyze the entire energy equation, starting from the very source of the fuel, whether that’s petroleum, natural gas, or other energy sources.

Featured in the video is a 1965 Convertible Bug powered with Tesla battery pack modules. The car uses five modules of the 16 total in a Tesla Model S or X battery pack, giving it approximately 100 miles of range, paired with a 102 horsepower electric motor, and a manual transmission! It’s the ultimate environmentally friendly car, with a reused Beetle matched with reused Tesla batteries. Check out the video for a full breakdown of the emissions related impact of gasoline vs electric cars.

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Old waste bainyan recycling idea | Reuse old baniyan /shobha's multivideos

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Old waste bainyan recycling idea | Reuse old baniyan /shobha’s multivideos

aaj ke video me old baniyan se crafts bnaya hai …





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Eco-efficient transport and modern energy solutions

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What possible solutions are there to the problems of climate change and decreasing availability of fossil fuels?

STOA is the Science and Technology Options Assessment body of the European Parliament.

This video explains STOA’s work on eco-efficient transport and modern energy solutions carried out from 2009 to 2014, the seventh legislature of the European Parliament.

For more information, visit our website:

Here are links to videos with more details about the work STOA has carried out from 2009 to 2014:

STOA: Science and Technology Options Assessment in the European Parliament, 2009-2014

Sustainable management of natural resources

Security of the internet

Health and technology in the life sciences

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

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16 Inventions Getting Us Off Fossil Fuels

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Much of the world’s energy is sourced from fossil fuels. However, there are several individuals and companies who have developed inventions to help get the world off of non-renewable energy. Watch the video above to see these inventions in action.

How One Company Turns Plastic Waste Into Reusable Packaging

How Method Keeps Its Soap Factory Eco-Friendly

How This Robotic Farm Is Reimagining Agriculture


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16 Inventions Getting Us Off Fossil Fuels
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Renewable Energy Sources - Types of Energy for Kids

Educational video for children to learn what renewable energy source are, which are their main properties and what types of energies exist. The sun, the wind, the power of water or the inner core heat of the Earth are examples of renewable energy sources. These energy resources are produced naturally and for this reason they are not depleted. In this video, children will find out what is sunlight energy, eolic energy, tidal wave energy, hydraulic energy and geothermal energy. Some of the many advantages of renewable energy are that they are environmentally friendly, replenish naturally and are safer because they don’t generate toxic waste. Some of the drawbacks would be the lack of resources and natural phenomena in certain areas. Excellent resource for elementary school education.

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This New Tech Could Revolutionize How We Store Renewable Energy

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This New Tech Could Revolutionize How We Store Renewable Energy

Advanced CAES is a new iteration of an old technology that’s able to harness air’s elastic potential to store energy until it’s ready to be used, which could be a huge game-changer for renewable energy.
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In a world in desperate need to go carbon-free, solar, wind, and renewables are the future, but our present ability to store their excess energy falls short. 

Of the many possible solutions, compressed air seems to be sweeping some in the energy sector off their feet. Compressed air energy storage, or CAES, takes advantage of air’s ability to be stored in the form of elastic potential energy until we’re ready to use it.

We’re currently grappling with modernizing the world’s power grid and a major challenge is to make renewables reliable in every situation, not just on sunny, cloud-free days. That’s because renewable energy needs to be “firmed,” meaning that it can give energy on-demand in every situation.

CAES is lauded by some in the energy sector as a sustainable way to make renewables the world’s go-to energy source, who say that this storage system could be the sustainable energy storage we’ve all been waiting for. The technology converts electrical energy into high-pressure air, which is later released to drive a turbine.

And while theoretically, CAES could be a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to batteries, there are still a few things holding it back. But an updated version of this old technology, developed by the Canadian company Hydrostor, could give CAES the boost it needs to succeed.

Find out more about Hydrostor’s plans to bring compressed air energy storage into the mainstream on this Elements.

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Could Injecting Carbon Into the Earth Save Our Planet?

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Storing energy in compressed air could finally become cheap enough for the big time
“Having to use an underground cavern means Hydrostor can’t build its plant just anywhere. But VanWalleghem says that, unlike the strict geological needs of oil-and-gas companies, compressed air can be stored in many types of rock formations. That means Hydrostor can technically build its plants on 70% of the planet’s landmass.”

Let’s store solar and wind energy – by using compressed air
“Energy is already stored, of course, in batteries or various other technologies. Even reservoirs can act as huge stores of energy. However nothing that exists or is in development can store energy as well, and as cheaply, as compressed air.”

The grid of the future will be powered by … giant subterranean bagpipes?
“Right now, the world relies predominantly on two different grid energy storage techniques: pumped/dammed hydroelectricity, and batteries. Other methods do exist, but batteries and “pumped hydro,” as they call it, are by far the most common.”


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It’s not in the papers but a silent revolution is moving across the world. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than from fossil fuels. It means that progressively the choice for wind and solar energy is no longer an ethical one but an economic one. And this will speed up the transfer to renewable energy.

In countries like Brazil, Australia, Chile and parts of the United States people consider renewable energy because of financial reasons. The price of solar and wind energy will continue to drop and in more countries renewable energy will occur.

A surprising newcomer on the market is Morocco, where the government expects that in 2020 more than 40 percent of the energy could come from solar energy.

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Most Earth-Friendly Home Ever Built? | National Geographic

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Most Earth-Friendly Home Ever Built? | National Geographic

The group Habitat for Humanity is building six homes in Washington, D.C., that are not only affordable but also energy efficient. Known as passive houses, these homes meet rigorous standards through low-energy construction practices and energy-efficient appliances. Whereas the average household in the area spends up to ,500 annually on energy, passive-house owners can expect to reduce those costs by up to 90 percent.
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Most Earth-Friendly Home Ever Built? | National Geographic

National Geographic
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Experts have come together to visualise what the smart eco home – the Smart E-Home – of the future could look like, complete with smart toilets, living rooms which transform colour, texture and shape via voice-command, community-based electric vehicle car-pooling and living kitchens with hydroponic fruit and veg gardens.

The small steps we are taking now, such as requesting a smart meter, will pave the way for the future Smart E-Home.

Find out more here:
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Which Renewable Energy Source is Best for the US?

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With climate changing forcing the hand of the world’s top innovators, what poses to be the most promising renewable energy to supply the bulk of the US grid?

Wind power, nuclear, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar – all of these industries are entrenched in a deep battle to meet the future needs of the global energy market. While some countries like Costa Rica and Finland have managed to run completely off of renewables, the US is a little more slow-growing in the industry.

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How to Recycle and reuse old lipsticks tutorial and Demo for Fall

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Hello Everyone!! If you guys don’t like to waste any of your makeup here is a way to reuse your old lipsticks and make new colors for fall.
Don’t be afraid to mix more than 2 colors and try to incorporate your lip stains and lip glosses.
I hope you guys like the tutorial and don’t forget to stop by my Instagram account: Msjudithayala

Thank you all for watching.

Please Note that I did not list the names of the lipsticks because you guys should use what you have at home.
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Amid Pandemic, Renewables Now Supply More Energy than Coal in the U.S.

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Thorium video:

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Scientists set new solar power efficiency record at almost 50 per cent

IEEFA Coal Outlook 2020: Market trends are pushing U.S. industry to a reckoning


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