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This $0.50 Disruptive Green Energy Stock is Using ALGAE to LOWER CARBON FOOTPRINT & CO2 Emissions!

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This new green energy penny stock utilizes disruptive tech to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and lower carbon footprint. Elon Musk put the crypto world on watch regarding clean energy. Pond Technologies knows how important this is and is utilizing groundbreaking technology and has some massive catalysts coming in 2021. They are participating in a competition sponsored by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation.

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Energy is one of the leading issues in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election. Supporters of the Green New Deal are shoving this idea to the top of political headlines and are what today’s guest calls “Champagne Socialists”—those who push their ideologies unto others but aren’t willing to get their hands dirty. 

We all want a better world for future generations than we have today. But to have an electrical world powered by wind and solar, you need rare-earths, silver, copper, cobalt… you need many different and expensive materials in vast quantities.

Marin Katusa, one of the world’s most successful resource venture capital fund managers, overseeing some of the largest funds in North America, says, “There’s some seriously big money to be made in this trend. And there’s going to be a lot of mistakes. There’s going to be a lot of scams. There’s going to be a lot of wasted government money, just like you mentioned, Solyndra and other deals from Obama’s green dream. But just like I proved it before, there’s going to be incredible assets here that there’s a way to play it.”

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and Marin Katusa discuss the future of green/clean energy and the solutions to our world’s ecological and economic problems. And, getting rich while finding them. 

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🍋 Natural ENERGY DRINK recipe!

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🍋 Natural ENERGY DRINK recipe!


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So A lot of people these days are tired, low on energy and wish they knew how to be more energetic so they can be more Productive for their Day! Well I decided to help yall exactly with that!! Today we are going over a few things you can do to NATURALLY BOOST YOUR Energy without the aid of Caffeine!! I hope it helps you out!!

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Calculating Energy Efficiency | GCSE Physics (9-1) |

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In this video, you will learn this model answer:

A device is useful because the device can transfer energy from one useful energy store to another useful energy store.

However no device is 100% efficient. This is because the device will transfer energy to non-useful energy stores.

The energy that isn’t transferred to a useful energy store is called wasted energy, or dissipated energy. The useless energy stores are usually thermal energy stores of the surroundings.

The higher the efficiency of a device the less energy is being transferred to the useless surrounding energy stores

The equation for the efficiency of an energy transfer in terms of power is:

efficiency = useful output power transfer ÷ total input power transfer
. .

Rearrange the equation for the useful output energy transfer in terms of power is:

useful output power transfer = efficiency x total input power transfer

Rearrange the equation for the total input energy transfer in terms of power is:

total input power transfer = efficiency x useful output power transfer
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5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

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With increasingly busy lives, many people regularly find themselves feeling tired and drained.

However, if the tiredness youíre experiencing is lifestyle-related, there are lots of things you can do to increase your energy levels.

THat’s what we’re looking at in this video.

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2-Ingredient Natural Drinks to Boost Your Energy

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– Dr. Oz and JJ Smith share a three-question quiz to help you find the perfect natural energy drink.

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GCSE Physics – Efficiency #8

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In this video we cover:
– The idea that devices aren’t 100% efficient
– What efficiency is
– The equation for efficiency
– Examples of how to calculate efficiency
– Why some devices like electric heaters are sometimes considered to be 100% efficient

General info:
– Suitable for all GCSE and IGCSE courses

Exam board specific info:
AQA – Everything is relevant to your course!
IGCSE Edexcel – Everything is relevant to your course!
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Energy Efficiency 101

Energy efficiency is measured as the ratio of energy output to energy input, as a percentage. The goal of improving energy efficiency is to deliver the same service to the end user, using less energy. Learn more about energy efficiency at

Thank you to the Alberta Real Estate Foundation for sponsoring this episode of the Energy Systems Map.


Student Energy is currently developing the Global Youth Energy Outlook, a global youth-led report that will engage 50,000 young people around the world in 2021 to gather their perspectives on energy. Want to take part? If you’re between 18-30, head to to complete the survey! You can win 0 cash prizes in each region, or a fully funded trip to the next International Student Energy Summit!

Student Energy is a global youth-led organization empowering the next generation of leaders who are accelerating the transition to a sustainable, equitable energy future. We work with a network of 50,000 young people from over 120 countries to build the knowledge, skills, and networks they need to take action on energy. Learn more at


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12 Most Incredible Largest Sources Of Alternative Energy

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Coal and oil won’t last forever. The question of how long they might continue to provide energy for the human race seems to get a different answer from everyone you ask it to, but it’s almost unanimously agreed that we have to end our dependency on fossil fuels if we want our race and planet to survive. How do we go about that replacement process, though? What sources of fuel and energy might we consider? Find out all about the options in this fantastic video!

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Scientists hope to recycle radioactive waste into "ultra-long life" power

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Scientists hope to recycle radioactive waste into "ultra-long life" power

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Nuclear waste from power plants could be recycled to create ‘ultra-long-life’ power sources, according to a team of researchers from the University the Bristol.

Scientists are developing diamond batteries which use energy from radioactive materials in the hope of transforming waste from decommissioned power stations across the UK. They were seen at work in Bristol on Wednesday.

“What we’ll be looking for is higher power devices which will incorporate much bigger diamond material or stacks of materials,” Scott said.

He explained: “[They] take ten to 15 years to get towards devices we could use in satellites, or spacecrafts, and perhaps one day, long in the future, maybe even mobile phones.”

Potential applications range from powering hearing aids and pacemakers to the automotive sector. “We might have four diamond batteries in your car, not to power it along the road but to tell the car when the pressure in the tires is getting low,” Scott added.

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Energy Efficiency in 90 seconds

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Energy Efficiency in 90 seconds

When most people talk about “clean energy,” they often mean wind or solar power, and when they’re discussing “energy conservation,” they’re usually talking about doing things like remembering to turn off the lights. But energy conservation, sometimes called energy efficiency, IS clean energy just like solar and wind. It’s also cheaper than fossil fuels and doesn’t create pollution.
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Change of Power: The green energy transition | earthrise

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The world is in the middle of the biggest economic transition since the Industrial Revolution. The hegemony of fossil fuels is being challenged as the price of renewables comes down.

But there is still a long way to go. Global greenhouse gas emissions must be halved by 2030 to have any hope of reaching net-zero by 2050.

From a solar testing station run by the Qatar Environment and Energy Institute, earthrise travels to Orkney in the UK where scientists are developing one of clean energy’s holy grails – green hydrogen.

In Norway, we visit a carbon-neutral data centre cooled by hydropower. And we speak to Christiana Figueres, the co-founder of Global Optimism and former UN climate chief.

With reports by Cassie Farrell in the UK and Inspire Films in Norway, this programme explores the green society that could be ours.

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Top 10 Green Energy Gadgets Invention for Camping & Outdoors

Top 10 Best Green Energy Camping gadget inventions that allows you to enjoy your camping trip to the fullest without leaving carbon footprint.

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