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How solar-powered desalination works – Sustainable clean water for islands & coastlines

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How do you use the sun to turn seawater into clean water? Desalination using solar energy will play a crucial role to solve water scarcity.

Already 4 billion people face water scarcity. Islands and coastal areas are vulnerable to droughts. The key to unlock extra fresh water lies in the sea. However, desalination is an expensive exercise, as much energy is needed and energy rates are high.

Technology company Elemental Water Makers has found a way to use the elements in their favour. Combining the power of the sea and sun, reliable access to clean water from unlimited resources is enabled. Using unique energy recovery technology, the amount of energy required is strongly reduced. Solar-powered desalination provides independence and resilience.

Coastal communities, lower lying atolls, private islands, private properties, resorts and municipalities can now get access to affordable clean water for generations to come.

Benefit from unlimited resources today and contact Elemental Water Makers for a free feasibility study:


Join us in solving fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth & wind!

How Waves Could Power A Clean Energy Future

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How Waves Could Power A Clean Energy Future

The ocean’s waves are immensely powerful. Harnessing that energy for grid-scale electricity production would be a major boon to the clean energy industry, but building durable, powerful, and cost-effective wave energy converters has proven difficult. Now though, an influx of federal funding is helping many U.S. companies gear up to test their latest wave energy technologies, giving many in the industry hope that wave power will see massive growth over the next few decades.

1:46 The challenges
4:05 Wave energy in the U.S.
4:49 (Subchapter) CalWave
6:05 (Subchapter) Oscilla Power
7:34 (Subchapter) C-Power
9:00 Wave energy in Europe
11:51 The future

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How Waves Could Power A Clean Energy Future
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Can Underwater Turbines Work? Tidal Power Explained

Can Underwater Turbines Work? Tidal Power Explained. Try Audible for free for 30 days. Visit or text undecided to 500 500. With tidal power we don’t have to rely on building massive dams and waterways that disrupt the environment in order to capture that power. Even though visions of underwater bladed turbines might pop into your head, there’s some other technology that may surprise you … like an undulating membrane that produces electricity … or perhaps an underwater kite.

Watch “Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling Worth the Cost? Heat Pumps Explained”

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Top 3 amazing videos . DIY | How to make hydroelectric turbines for life. Free energy, clean energy.

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Why the US isn't ready for clean energy

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Why the US isn't ready for clean energy

Making clean energy isn’t enough: We also have to move it.

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In the near future, the energy made in the US is going to be much greener. The country’s current goal is for solar plants alone to make nearly half of US electricity by 2050. But we can’t just build solar plants where coal and gas plants used to be. They have to be built where it’s… sunny. And wind turbines have to be built where it’s windy. The problem is, that’s not always where the people who need the power are.

The distance from energy source to energy need is about to get a lot bigger. And the US is going to need more high-voltage transmission lines. A lot more. As soon as possible. While solar plants can be built relatively fast, high-voltage transmission projects can take up to 10 years. So experts say we need to start proactively building them, right now.

This is the second of five videos we’re releasing on climate coverage this week. You can watch the first video on extreme heat 🌡 and what cities are doing to combat that here:

And the third video on prescribed burns 🔥 for forests here:

Sources and further reading:
Much of the map data in the piece comes from the Net-Zero America study out of Princeton University:

This map from the US Energy Information Association is a good way to see what power plants and high-voltage power lines are near you (if you’re in the US):

Vermont Public Radio reported on the energy bottleneck we talk about in the very beginning of the video:

And here’s more about that denied power plant from local Vermont TV station WCAX:

This other great study is what calculated how much renewable energy potential there is in just those 15 middle states:

More about the 2018 Camp Fire in California and the investigation that determined it was started by electrical transmission lines:

And if you want to get really into the details of how these lines work, I found the Edison Tech Center really helpful: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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Biomass: How clean is energy from waste and plants really?

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Clean energy from re-growing resources and waste. Biomass sounds like a perfect alternative power source. Globally, at least 5% of energy come from biomass. But what does it mean if we use organic matter for fuel or electricity?

Reporter: Nicole Ris
Editor: David Jacobi
Supervising Editor: Kiyo Dörer & Joanna Gottschalk

We’re destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means. We look at the big and the small: What we can do and how the system needs to change. Every Friday we’ll take a truly global look at how to get us out of this mess.

#PlanetA #Biomass #Sustainability

Read More:
Land competition between fuel and food:

Biomass industry threatens European forests:

Quantifying biomass-related forest growth:

Total methane emission rates and losses from 23 biogas plants:

A global renewable energy status report (2020):

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Anaerobic Digestion
03:10 Biofuels
05:00 Traditional Use of Biomass
05:30 Wood Pellets
09:55 Conclusion
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“Wood is one of the few energy sources that emits more carbon than coal.” Burning biomass allowed civilization to evolve and advance in remarkable ways, but smoke that comes as a byproduct is carbon-heavy and kills around 2 million people per year.

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About Switch Energy Alliance: Switch Energy Alliance is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to inspiring an energy-educated future that is objective, nonpartisan, and sensible. With over 300 energy education videos and resources, Switch Energy Alliance engages students and general viewers in a positive conversation to work collaboratively on energy challenges. Learn more:
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Is tidal power a reliable form of clean energy?

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ABC’s Maggie Rulli visits the Orkney Islands to explore a new technology and whether it could change how we generate power.
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Tidal flows provide a consistent source of kinetic energy as a result of the interaction between the gravitational forces of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. Tidal energy technologies have the advantage of being highly predictable and dependable power output to the electricity grid. Delft University of Technology conducts research to develop innovative solutions for Tidal Energy. For more information, please visit:
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Green Careers: Clean Energy – Wind Power (clip)

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From the Great Plains to the ocean shore and out at sea, the race is on to make the United States the worlds number one producer of wind power. We explore a new wind ranch to see the full range of new jobs from entry-level wind turbine technician to crane operator, wind power computer analyst and up to operations manager. We also visit a leading university taking part in the California Wind Energy Initiative where young wind power researchers are beginning their new careers designing better windmills and the wind energy systems of the future.

Jobs profiled in this program include:
Wind Turbine Technician, Crane Operator, Operations Manager, Computer Analyst, Wind Power Researcher, Aerodynamicist

Grade Levels: 7 to Adult

23 minutes, color

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How to Make Wind Turbine Generator – Clean Energy

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How to make Wind Turbine
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Nuclear Energy: Abundant, Clean, and Safe

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If you truly want to save the planet from global warming, there’s one energy source that can do it. It’s not wind or solar. It’s not coal, oil or natural gas, either. So what is it? Michael Shellenberger, founder of Environmental Progress, has the answer in this important video.

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France gets 70% of its power from one carbon-free source. Sweden 40%. Switzerland 36%. The United States 20%.

For those who wish to create a world free of carbon emissions, France is clearly the role model. 

That source of energy, by the way, is not solar or wind. It’s not coal, oil or natural gas, either.

It’s nuclear. 

Nuclear energy is not only cleaner than all other forms of energy. It’s also cheaper to create, abundant and safe. 

Yes, safe.

So, if the world is going to end in a few years because of global warming due to rising CO2 levels, why aren’t we going all out to produce this abundant, clean and safe form of energy? Why aren’t there dozens of nuclear power plants in development all over the world? 

Well, we all know the answer, right? Nuclear energy is just too risky… too dangerous.

So, even though we’re told we’re facing an “existential crisis”—which means humans may cease to exist; even though we might all wither away in unbearable heat; or starve because of world-wide droughts; or drown in rising seas; or be killed in Mad Max-style riots—nuclear energy is off the table… because… it’s too darn risky. 


I want to be sure I have this right. The goal is to save humanity…There’s a way to save humanity…And we won’t take it. Because we’re afraid, there might be a bad accident… or something. 

Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn’t to me.  

But maybe I’m not giving enough weight to the safety argument, so let’s take a closer look at that since no one, not even the most radical environmentalist, disputes that nuclear power produces massive amounts of energy cleanly and efficiently. 

Safety, like everything else, is a matter of context. So, here’s some context. 1.4 million people die worldwide every year in traffic accidents, 2.3 million in work-related accidents, 4.2 million from air pollution. Deaths directly related to nuclear power? Under 200—not annually but in the entire history of the nuclear power industry. 

But what about those famous nuclear disasters we’ve all heard so much about? Didn’t they poison untold thousands? Three Mile Island in 1979, Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011. 

Okay, let’s deal with each one.  

Three Mile Island:

There was an accident at the plant, yes, but the amount of radiation that leaked was no more than one might receive taking a chest x-ray. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged as much four weeks after the initial media hysteria died down. “We goofed,” the commission told Congress.  “There was no danger of any hydrogen explosion.” But that didn’t grab the headlines. 


The accident developed into a catastrophe only because of pitiful safety procedures unique to the Soviet Union. It would never have occured in the West. Even so, initial reports of radiation leakage turned out to be grossly exaggerated. According to the World Health Organization, “As of mid-2005”—that’s 19 years after the explosion—“fewer than 50 deaths had been directly attributed to radiation from the disaster.” 


In 2011, as a result of an earthquake and tsunami, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was destroyed, and nuclear radiation was released. Yet, despite the media hysteria, not one person at the power plant died because of radiation leaks. The deaths that occurred in the area were the result of the tsunami. 

Well, what about nuclear waste? Surely that’s terribly harmful. 

Actually, no. All the nuclear waste ever generated in the US can fit on a single football field stacked less than seventy feet high. It’s easily and safely buried in steel canisters encased in concrete. 

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Climeon's clean technology and geothermal energy

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Geothermal power can revolutionize the way we see renewable electricity. It’s the only renewable source of energy that can produce a base-load of electricity 24/7. Geothermal has the potential to replace the world’s entire fossil fuel based electricity production.
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Could geothermal power be the future of electricity generation? Robert visits Cornwall to find out how Eden Geothermal are unlocking geothermal energy in the granite beneath the ground.

Their seriously impressive geothermal drilling rig might be the same kit you use to drill for oil and gas, but instead they are targeting clean, natural, sustainable energy from the rocks deep below. This is the first phase of a two well development which will completely power the eco-focused Eden Project making it carbon neutral as well as potentially power 17,000 surrounding houses.

What is really exciting about this project is that it feels like the beginning of a new geothermal energy industry could be on the horizon.

Eden Geothermal –
Eden project –

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0:00 Introduction
2:05 Huge drilling rig
3:47 Need baseload
4:14 Deep drilling
5:39 Heating up
6:50 How does it work?
8:22 Flow & heat
9:29 Second well
10:40 Runs all the time
11:19 Big piece of kit
12:38 Geothermal potential
15:12 Round the clock
16:08 Not fracking
17:19 Obvious resource
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