Clean energy from re-growing resources and waste. Biomass sounds like a perfect alternative power source. Globally, at least 5% of energy come from biomass. But what does it mean if we use organic matter for fuel or electricity?

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We’re destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means. We look at the big and the small: What we can do and how the system needs to change. Every Friday we’ll take a truly global look at how to get us out of this mess.

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00:48 Anaerobic Digestion
03:10 Biofuels
05:00 Traditional Use of Biomass
05:30 Wood Pellets
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“Wood is one of the few energy sources that emits more carbon than coal.” Burning biomass allowed civilization to evolve and advance in remarkable ways, but smoke that comes as a byproduct is carbon-heavy and kills around 2 million people per year.

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