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How It Works: Wave Energy

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How It Works: Wave Energy

Although water covers most of our planet’s surface, energy from waves is a largely untapped resource.

Learn how wave power works in this illustrated animation from OurFuture.Energy

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Did we MAKE HYDRO POWER Using Our Waterwheel for Self Reliant Off Grid Living?

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The Waterwheel Update is finally here!! Did it work? Are we able to power our Off Grid Cabin using Hydro Power?

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Loftis Party of Six : #WeRoam

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We are a Full-time RV Living family with 4 kids who in 2018 Sold Everything to be a Family who is together all the time!! Homeschooling our kids and going on amazing adventures and seeing incredible places!! We just sold our 1st RV set up which was a truck and 5th wheel (see video of why we switched here: ) to get our new RV set up with a Class A and Ford Expedition! PLUS we built an OFF GRID CABIN on 50 acres in the Ozarks of Missouri as a home base between travels.

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Loftis Party of Six : #WeRoam

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How Geothermal Energy Works by EDC

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How Geothermal Energy Works by EDC

EDC is the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal energy producer. It is responsible for putting the Philippines on the map as the third largest geothermal energy producer in the world for over three decades and is the acknowledged leader in wet steam field technology.

But how does EDC harness geothermal?

Watch the video to learn how we sustainably generate clean, reliable, affordable, and renewable energy and visit to learn about geothermal technology in the Philippines.

#WeAreEDC #Geo247 #GeothermalEnergy #RenewableEnergyPh

Sustainable Bioenergy

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Sustainable bioenergy is an important issue in the renewable energy mix. This movie introduce this technology and the circumstances around it.

Visit A Giant Wind Turbine on a Wind Farm! | Caitie's Classroom Field Trip | Science For Kids

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Did you know that we can create electricity using the wind? Caitie takes us to a Wind Farm where we get to see just how the wind turbines spin and why this renewable resource is so important for having clean air to breathe and clean land to live on.

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How Do Wind Turbines Work?

Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected

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“Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected” is a short documentary highlighting personal stories and the efforts being made by communities across the United States to develop, produce, and provide bioenergy, while ensuring it is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. From farmers and families in the Midwest, to researchers and business-owners on the coasts, “Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected” is a prelude to future products that will provide first-hand views on how sustainability in bioenergy unites us as a nation. This video was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office and supports initiatives to expand the public’s understanding of sustainable transportation and the bioenergy industry.


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How China Plans to Win the Future of Energy

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How China Plans to Win the Future of Energy

China, the world’s biggest polluter, has committed to reach net zero emissions by 2060, an ambitious goal matched by enormous investments that are reshaping the nation’s energy system.

#China2030 #Asia #BloombergQuicktake

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#renewable #non-renewable #resources #ngscience
All about the Earth’s resources and how their use by people can impact the environment.

The Earth is full of natural resources. A natural resource is a part of the Earth that people use. It includes things like sunlight, wind, water, plants and animals and fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

Some natural resources are renewable. This means they are replaced or replenished by nature when they are used…so they wont run out. They can be used now and by future generations too. Sunlight, wind and water are examples of renewable natural resources.

Some of the natural resources people use are non-renewable. A non-renewable natural resource is a resource that is not able to be replenished by nature at the rate in which they are being used. Fossil fuels, like coal, oil and gas are non-renewable. Fossil fuels are formed when organic matter deep beneath the Earth’s surface are subject to heat and pressure over millions of years. The fuels can be burned to produce heat which is used by people in a number of ways. They are used in combustion engines to power cars, buses and other vehicles. They are also used to produce electricity.

Coal is a fossil fuel that is found beneath the surface of the Earth. To get coal, a mine needs to be constructed. This can cause large and widescale changes to the environment. Trees and plants are removed to make way for the mine and the network of roads needed to transport people and coal out of the area. A major impact of coal mining is habitat loss. This occurs when human changes to the environment result in there being insufficient resources for organisms to survive. Some animals may move to a new suitable habitat. Most organisms however, will die.

To get natural gas and petroleum, people must drill deep into the Earth’s surface. Sometimes chemicals are used to pump the fuels from the Earth. These chemicals can pollute the land. Land and water pollution can also occur when these fossil fuels spill into the natural environment.

The burning of fossil fuels has another impact on the Earth – air pollution. The emissions released into the air when fossil fuels are burned are harmful to organisms, including people. The emissions also include greenhouse gases that trap solar radiation in the atmosphere and increase the rate at which the Earth is warming – a process called human-induced climate change. Scientists have discovered solid evidence that the burning of fossil fuels by people is causing the Earth to get warmer at a much faster rate than it normally would. This is caused the water level in our oceans to rise, the melting of the Earth’s polar ice caps and causing changes to many of Earth’s habitat making them unsuitable for the organisms that depend on them.
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hydroelectricity working model – electricity generation using rain water | howtofunda

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hydroelectricity working model - electricity generation using rain water | howtofunda

hydroelectricity working model – electricity generation using rain water by harvesting it – diy science project
#hydroelectricity #hydroelectricpowerplant #workingmodel #workingproject #electricitygeneration #rainwaterharvesting #scienceproject #scienceexhibition #sciencefair #inspireaward #inspireawardproject #innovative

Short information :

Hydroelectricity is a form of electricity that is produced by using the kinetic energy of moving water to generate electricity.

A dam is a barrier built across a river or other body of water (on roof top) to create a reservoir. Water from the reservoir is released through a channel or pipe, called a penstock, and falls down to a lower elevation, creating kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is used to turn a turbine, which generates electricity.

Overall, hydroelectricity is a clean, renewable energy source that can be a reliable source of electricity, particularly in areas with abundant water resources.

Materials Used :
Color Papers :
Threads :
Glue Gun :
Glue Sticks :
Scissor :
Cutter :
Fevicol :
Paint :
Paint Brushes :
Robo DC Motor :
DC Motor :
DC Water Pump –
Switch :

Tripod :
Camera :
Laptop :
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In this The Daily Eco video we’re going to talk about RENEWABLE AND NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES ☀️🌲💧 We’ll also explain the DIFFERENCES, TYPES and EXAMPLES. 🌋

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