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Engineering of the Future:The Solar energy full documentary 2021

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Iceland: Geothermal Energy

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In Iceland, geothermal power is being used for almost everything — from heating homes to supplying therapeutic spas year round. Scientists and engineers from around the world are participating in a course at the United Nations University (UNU) to learn how to use geothermal energy in their own countries from leading experts in Iceland.
UNIA Programme # 1365
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Off-Grid Hydro Power: Too Much Power!

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This off-grid hydro power system has a major problem; too much power. Jeff has stumbled upon a small clan of off-grid homeschoolers and discovers that their power system is a major source of angst.

Their stream engine produces around 1200-1300 Watts continuously and their load controller must get rid of any excess power by dumping the power into a hot water tank. Image the struggle to use copious amounts of hot water!

Micro Wind Turbines… Are They Worth It? (Off Grid Solar)

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Exploring solar panel efficiency breakthroughs in 2020

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Exploring solar panel efficiency breakthroughs in 2020. Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 85% off and 3 extra months for free! The past year has had some really interesting advancements with perovskite and multijunction solar cells, which are going to have a big impact. Plus, what if I told you it might be possible to harvest power from shadows?

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NREL Energy Basics: Solar

Learn the history of solar power up to present-day in this engaging video by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This video is part of an eight-part series teaching about the basics of renewable energy. For a text version of this video, visit For more educational content, visit
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Nuclear Energy Explained: Risk or Opportunity

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Please Read Below For More Information

Anything with the word nuclear next to it usually comes with a fair bit of misunderstanding. Hopefully this video demystifies the process of how nuclear fuels are turned into electricity and how we can use them in combination with renewables in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the effects on the climate that come with high levels of them.

Of course, there are many things that have been left out this video as nuclear energy, just as with any other source, has many different factors that need to be taken into account when making decisions. In order to fully understand the situation and make decisions, I highly recommend that you do some research of your own on the topic, rather than simply base your opinion on a four-minute YouTube video.

It should also be noted that this video has been made from the perspective of the United States in general. Every area on Earth has different natural resources and environments that determine what works best there.

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20 percent of energy from nuclear power in the U.S.:

Percent of electricity from each source

Lifetime Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions

Nuclear Uprating:


Deaths caused by other fuel sources

European deaths due to coal use

Indian deaths due to coal use

Deaths from coal in the US.

Levelized costs

Union of Concerned Scientists Death Estimate

International Agency for Research on Cancer

Deaths Prevented With Nuclear Fuels

Interesting Run-through of Chernobyl

*Not every source listed was used in the end video.
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How To Make Solar Panel At Home Using Blades | Solar Cell At Home

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In This Video I’m Going To Show You How To Make Solar Panel At Home Using Blade | Solar Cell At Home

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Geothermal discovery could launch green revolution for energy industry

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A small company in Saskatchewan is building what could become Canada’s first geothermal power plant, which could launch a green revolution for the energy industry and the people who work in it.

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How Geothermal Energy Revolutionised Iceland’s Greenhouses | Earth Lab

Renewable energy provides almost all electricity in Iceland. But what is about Iceland’s unique geology that allows it to produce such cheap renewable energy?
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Could Solar Panels in Space Solve all Our Energy Needs?

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We need more solutions for our energy needs, and one idea is straight out of science fiction: Solar panels, in space.

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Satellite Power System Concept Development and Evaluation Program

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Hydropower – Power of the future or relic of the past?

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Hydropower has been the largest global provider of renewable electricity for over 100 years and represents the first mainstream source of renewable energy. However, many environmental groups don’t view large-scale hydro as truly renewable. So what is it? Is hydroelectricity a foundation of our energy future or something better left in our past?


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