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Wind Turbines for Home: Is it Worth It?

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Does small wind energy or backyard wind turbines make sense? Why do we see so much rooftop solar, but so little rooftop wind?

00:00 Intro – Rooftop solar’s domination in the urban renewables sector
00:38 Why don’t we see more rooftop wind turbines?
01:38 Quality of solar resources – Solar irradiation in different places around the world
02:40 Quality of wind resources – Urban wind effects, wind shear effects, available power in wind
04:53 Available wind power in Kolding vs Canberra
05:40 Other points of comparison – Benefits gained from a rural location, noise and vibration issues, maintenance required
07:47 Applications for urban wind technologies – Off-grid properties, high-wind speed locations, rural farms, non-utility and aesthetic purposes, backyard engineering or DIY
09:54 Outro
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In this video I’ll take you through the science and engineering reasons why rooftop solar is much easier than small wind, and show that the same wind turbine on a roof is likely to generate *less than 10%* of the energy a turbine of the same size would generate in a nearby wind farm.

And, because I know most of you found this video because you already know you want to do a DIY wind energy project (they’re fun!) or have an off-grid project that needs wind energy to diversify your energy, I have included some resources (Hugh Piggott’s great books on DIY wind energy and certified small wind turbines if you want to buy one).

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Firstlinks – Eraring Power Station
Weather and Climate – Monthly Sunhours
Global Solar Atlas
Global Wind Atlas
My video on the gingerbread wind turbine projec

Micallef and Brussel, 2018 – Urban Wind
DOI: 10.3390/en11092204
Salazar et al, 2016 – Wind Shear
DOI: 10.3390/s17010008

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installing a wind turbine at home | how much power will it make?

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In this video, we install a 300 Watt vevor windmill / turbine. obviously this 300 Watt claim is massively overrated and we will never see that in the real world but no regardless of how much it makes it’s all in the spirit of green energy and will all help reduce the bills.

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Wind Turbine for Home outbeats PV Solar Panels in 2023?!

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NEW Wind Turbines for Home really Replacing Solar Panel?

Small wind turbines for home could play an important role for off grid living. A 15 kWh peak solar system that manages to supply the whole house with solar panels, produces only a fraction of renewable energy in the winter.
And this is exactly where wind turbine for home come into play for off grid users.

this is why we are looking for the best wind turbine for home 2023 and took a closer look to new micro wind turbines for home from companies such as skywind ng , the power collective Ridgeblade and Flower turbine.
Can these home wind turbines really replace Solar panels and guarantee using wind energy for living off the grid?

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0:00 Introduction
1:55 Your Wind Conditions
2:55 Skywind
4:55 Flower turbine
06:21 Ridgeblade

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Hi, in this video I show you how to make a wind turbine model from cardboard. For blowing the air I use a stand fan here.

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231. Geothermal 101 – How to heat your home with 400% efficiency

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Geothermal is the heating system of the future. With efficiencies of 400% and no emissions it’s just the ticket for fighting climate change and oh, it’s also 700% efficient at air conditioning, perfect for those 40 Celsius summer heat waves. This week on Green Energy Futures we talk to Devon Winczura and Steve Oslanski of Envirotech Geothermal who show us why geothermal heating and cooling is the wave of the future.
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How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission at Home | “Climate Solutions 101” Review | Reduce CO2 at Home

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Watch the documentary on YouTube for free:

What I learned from watching documentary “Climates Solutions 101”. What I do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home. How to live eco friendly and sustainably.

I truly believe that we can save money the same time saving the planet. The over consuming culture today is really out of control, and we all need to be more mindful and cautious when it comes to buying and returning.

How to mix and match?
How to style a dress for all seasons?
How to reuse and repurpose a simple glass jar?
What side hustles everyone can do?
What are the side hustles without investment?
Side hustles with 0 investment.
What does frugality mean to you?
How to live frugally?
What a frugal person like?
How does a frugal person live?
Why people live frugally?
Is frugal same as cheap?
Is being frugal being cheap?
Are frugal and cheap the same?
What is the difference between frugal and cheap?
How to save money easily and daily?
Frugal living habits that saves quickly and easily.
How is frugal living like.
How is daily life of a frugal person?
Can I save money everyday?
How to save money everyday?
Are their quick ways to save money?
What do i need to do to save money quickly?
How to save money fast?
How to live frugally to save money?
Tips on spend less and save more.
How to save on groceries. How to save on cars and insurance. How to save on clothing. How to save on utilities. How to save around the kitchen. How to save on everything. How to be low maintenance and save money. What do i need to do to save money fast.

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Sharing 50 tips that I practice daily and have saved me thousands over the years. These tips are proven to be true and useful.

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I turn a bunch of old CDs into a SOLAR PANEL for your home | Homemade Free Energy

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Do you want to create your own homemade solar panel for electricity? Here we teach you how I turn a bunch of old CDs into a solar panel. Build your own solar panel with just some old CDs and some simple materials.

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00:00 Intro words
00:25 The materials to build a solar panel at home
01:47 Part 1. Crafting a solar panel
05:16 Putting the aluminum foil
07:23 Part 2. Adding the conductive parts
10:19 Creating the wiring
11:07 Part 3. Creating the CD Matrix
12:57 Putting the frame back
13:45 Part 4. Testing the homemade solar panel
14:03 Using the solar panel with a tester
14:17 Powering a bulb with the homemade solar panel
14:50 Powering a motor with the homemade solar panel
15:15 Homemade 12 volt solar panel



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How to Make Wind Turbine Generator at Home

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How to Make Wind Turbine Generator at Home

4200W Wind Turbine:

Support Group:

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How to Install a Home Wind Turbine | Ask This Old House

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How to Install a Home Wind Turbine | Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House renewable-energy expert Ross Trethewey shows host Kevin O’Connor why Texas is the ideal environment for a wind turbine.
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How to Install a Home Wind Turbine | Ask This Old House

how to make hydro electricity generation at home | free energy school project

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how to make hydro electricity generation at home | free energy school project

make hydro electricity generation model & turbulent hydro power plant for school project
hydroelectric project for school to make hydro power plant #hydropowergenerator
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Please watch: “how to make firki with plastic bottle |make firki at home easy firki DIY | kite firkin in Tamil”

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The Challenges of a Wind Turbine on Your Home

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The Challenges of a Wind Turbine on Your Home

The truth about a wind turbine on your home. Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! We’ve seen wind turbines popping up everywhere in the last few years for grid scale renewable energy installations. Solar panels for home has been a disruptive technology, but what if we could scale down wind turbines and install them on our home? In theory it sounds like a good idea to diversify our home power generation, but does it make sense to install micro wind turbines on your home vs. just installing solar panels? Let’s see if we can come to a decision on this.

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Make your own wind turbine out of easy and cheap items. I found a motor and a windmill at a garage sale. This video will give you some ideas of how to put it all together.

Here is an ebay listing with this motor:

Here is a similar windmill:

Here’s an inexpensive charge controller that will charge a battery:

Check out my bicycle powered generator: