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What is Efficiency?

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Liebherr Power Efficiency solutions have been developed to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining the optimal machine productivity and performance.

These innovative engine and hydraulic control systems are available for most of the latest mining excavators, fully embedded in the unit software and hardware.
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Dynamics II Lect 6 Power and Efficiency Part 1

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UCT Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Online Short Course | Trailer

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Watch this trailer for the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

On this interactive eight-week online course, you’ll develop the knowledge needed to identify energy conservation and power-saving opportunities, explore renewable energy in energy-efficient and sustainable builidings, and learn how to establish energy management systems for buildings and facilities.

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GetSmarter™, a 2U, Inc. brand, helps working professionals gain verifiable skills from leading global universities to thrive in an ever-changing work environment.
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Efficiency – A Level Physics

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Efficiency - A Level Physics

This video introduces and explains efficiency for A Level Physics.

The efficiency (η) of an object, device or machine is the ratio between the useful energy out and the total energy in or the ratio between the useful power out and the total power in. The efficiency equation is: efficiency = useful energy out/total energy in = useful power out/total power in.

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Energy Transfer and Efficiency | GCSE Physics | Doodle Science

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Different types of energy can be transferred from one type to another. You can see that a car engine transfers chemical energy, which is stored in the fuel, into kinetic energy in the engine and wheels so it can get you from A to B. In a lamp the electrical input is converted into light energy. However not all the energy put in is turned into useful energy, some of it is turned into energy we don’t need such as heat.

Sankey diagrams summarise all the energy transfers taking place in a process. The thicker the arrow, the greater the amount of energy involved. This Sankey diagram for an electric lamp shows that most of the electrical energy is transferred as heat rather than light. This means it’s very inefficient. We can calculate efficiency using this simple formula, useful energy, in this case 10J divided by the total energy input, which is 100J, which gives us an efficiency of 0.1 or 10% if you times it by 100.

Apple A16 Bionic – It's All About Power Efficiency

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Apple has launched four new iPhone models: the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, along with the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The 14 Pro models feature the new Apple A16 Bionic, Apple’s latest mobile SoC. The emphasis for this latest generation of mobile processor is power efficiency.

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Optimising power efficiency in Data Centre Networks – University of Leeds

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PhD researcher Azza Eltraify is optimising power efficiency in Data Centre Networks, with the aim of lowering C02 emissions.

Date recorded: November 2019

NVIDIA In A Minute – Ruthless Power Efficiency Edition

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Energy efficiency is an important element of NVIDIA’s environmental strategy in both product development and in how we run our labs and data centers. In this installment of NVIDIA in a Minute we hear from employees who are getting it right by finding ways to squeeze every last drop of performance from their equipment and space, while doing so in an energy efficient manner and reducing waste.
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Work, Power and Efficiency-Science N2: Full Lessons Part 2

Use this video to gain better understanding of work, energy and efficiency in your engineering science n2.

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231. Geothermal 101 – How to heat your home with 400% efficiency

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Geothermal is the heating system of the future. With efficiencies of 400% and no emissions it’s just the ticket for fighting climate change and oh, it’s also 700% efficient at air conditioning, perfect for those 40 Celsius summer heat waves. This week on Green Energy Futures we talk to Devon Winczura and Steve Oslanski of Envirotech Geothermal who show us why geothermal heating and cooling is the wave of the future.
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Tweaking a CPU for power efficiency: Underclocking vs Undervolting vs Eco mode

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I compare many different ways of tweaking a CPU to increase efficiency and lower power consumption to see what methods work best for which use cases.
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