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How to use biomass gasifier get Biomass Green Energy?

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is a technology that converts all kinds of low calorific value solid biomass energy resources (such as agricultural and forestry waste, crop straw, domestic organic waste, edible fungi residue, livestock manure and all combustible substances) into Biomass gas, Biomass carbon, Biomass oil,Wood vinegar, through gasification.
Biomass gas: Can be used for power generation or boiler, kitchen gas
Biomass carbon: Production of organic fertilizer/activated carbon raw materials
Industrial carbon
sewage disposal
Biomass oil: Mention naphthol anthracene carbazole and other components
Wood vinegar: Applied to agricultural sterilization and antibacterial action

The most widely used is biomass syngas power generation system.
Consists of a biomass gasifier and a syngas generator set.

We can set up a set of biomass power generation system for the user, to provide customers with 30 KW to 1000KW of biomass gas power stations and auxiliary equipment. More than 1000KW of power generation system can be used in multiple sets of power generation system in parallel.

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Green energy: Which sources are the most sustainable?

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Fossil fuels still supply about 80% of the world’s power. How can energy be produced and used more sustainably to meet climate targets? We answer your questions. film supported by @Infosys

00:00 – Why energy needs to become more sustainable
00:33 – How much energy should come from renewables?
01:19 – Why isn’t nuclear power used more widely?
02:19 – How can solar power be made more efficient?
03:34 – Will biofuels become widely used?
04:30 – Do electric vehicles make a difference?
05:10 – How heating and air conditioning can be more sustainable

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Green Careers: Clean Energy – Wind Power (clip)

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From the Great Plains to the ocean shore and out at sea, the race is on to make the United States the worlds number one producer of wind power. We explore a new wind ranch to see the full range of new jobs from entry-level wind turbine technician to crane operator, wind power computer analyst and up to operations manager. We also visit a leading university taking part in the California Wind Energy Initiative where young wind power researchers are beginning their new careers designing better windmills and the wind energy systems of the future.

Jobs profiled in this program include:
Wind Turbine Technician, Crane Operator, Operations Manager, Computer Analyst, Wind Power Researcher, Aerodynamicist

Grade Levels: 7 to Adult

23 minutes, color

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Geothermal discovery could launch green revolution for energy industry

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A small company in Saskatchewan is building what could become Canada’s first geothermal power plant, which could launch a green revolution for the energy industry and the people who work in it.

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How Geothermal Energy Revolutionised Iceland’s Greenhouses | Earth Lab

Renewable energy provides almost all electricity in Iceland. But what is about Iceland’s unique geology that allows it to produce such cheap renewable energy?
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How green is solar energy really?

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More and more solar panels are popping up all over the world – and it’s easy to see why: They provide clean energy at falling prices. Awesome, right? Well actually, there are also some not-so-green sides to this technology. We’ll take a closer look at three big criticisms solar energy faces and check out just how much of a problem they are.

We’re destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means. We look at the big and the small: What we can do and how the system needs to change. Every Friday we’ll take a truly global look at how to get us out of this mess.

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GHG emissions for different forms of electricity generation:

Solar waste and recycling:

Solar Scorecard:

Reporter: Malte Rohwer-Kahlmann
Video editor: Eva Höppner, Nils Reinecke
Supervising editor: Joanna Gottschalk, Kiyo Dörrer

0:00 Intro
0:49 Emissions
3:06 Toxic Chemicals
5:31 Waste
8:26 Conclusion

This lecture is about solar energy.


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Joe Biden Outlines Green Energy Infrastructure Investments

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Pres. Joe Biden laid out his vision for a clean energy future while unveiling his T infrastructure plan.
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Sustainable Business: Green energy is cheaper than ever

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Plunging costs of renewables mark a turning point in a global transition to low-carbon energy, with new solar or wind farms increasingly cheaper to build than running existing coal plants, according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).


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Green Energy Kriya for Prosperity and Opportunity

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Green Energy Kriya for Prosperity and Opportunity

One of the most powerful kriya for prospeirty and opportunity. This practice includes full times for all exercises.
You have to try this and if you like practice it for 40 days and see what happens to you.

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The Politics of Green Energy

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Robert Bryce
Manhattan Institute
Author, “Power Hungry: The Myths of Green Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future”

This lecture is part of Hillsdale College’s 2014 CCA series. To learn more about Hillsdale College and the CCA programs, visit

How Solar Power Sector can make India Atmanirbhar? How Green Energy can kick start Indian economy?

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0:02:31 World Scenario
0:03:49 Solar Power Sector and Atmanirbhar Bharat
0:04:58 Rural Development
0:08:27 How to become Atmanirbhar in Solar Power Sector
0:09:46 Core Competency in Semiconductor Manufacturing
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