is a technology that converts all kinds of low calorific value solid biomass energy resources (such as agricultural and forestry waste, crop straw, domestic organic waste, edible fungi residue, livestock manure and all combustible substances) into Biomass gas, Biomass carbon, Biomass oil,Wood vinegar, through gasification.
Biomass gas: Can be used for power generation or boiler, kitchen gas
Biomass carbon: Production of organic fertilizer/activated carbon raw materials
Industrial carbon
sewage disposal
Biomass oil: Mention naphthol anthracene carbazole and other components
Wood vinegar: Applied to agricultural sterilization and antibacterial action

The most widely used is biomass syngas power generation system.
Consists of a biomass gasifier and a syngas generator set.

We can set up a set of biomass power generation system for the user, to provide customers with 30 KW to 1000KW of biomass gas power stations and auxiliary equipment. More than 1000KW of power generation system can be used in multiple sets of power generation system in parallel.

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