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Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy | Science | Grade-3,4 | Tutway |

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Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy | Science | Grade-3,4 | Tutway |

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Video no.1 The Energy – Sources

Video no.2 Forms of Energy

Video no.3 Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy

Video no.4 Light Energy- (Part-1)

Video no.5 Kinetic Energy

Video no.6 Potential Energy

Video no.7 Hydro Energy and Geothermal Energy

Video no.8 The Wind Energy

Video no.9 Solar Energy | Solar Power Plants

Topic Covered:
What are Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy?
Examples of renewable sources of energy:
• Solar energy
• Wind energy
• Hydrothermal energy
• Biomass energy
• Geothermal energy
Examples of non-renewable sources of energy:
• Coal
• Petrol
• Diesel
• Natural gas.
• Disadvantages of fossil fuels.

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Recycle Energy

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Renewable Energy 101: How Does Solar Energy Work?

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The sun has powered organic life on planet Earth since before human beings even existed. And we’ve attempted to harness the power of solar energy since the very beginning. Although early uses for solar energy revolved around methods to ignite a fire, the 20th century introduced mankind to the potential of solar electricity. In this video, we’ll explore the technology behind a solar power system and how it converts the sun’s rays into clean, renewable energy while caring for Mother Earth. It’s an energy strategy that proves working with nature can yield greater results than trying to fight against it. You can visit our website for more information today!


Renewable Energy 101

Question: What’s the most abundant energy source in our solar system? Here’s a hint, it’s 1 million times bigger than the Earth and without it our planet would be a dark, cold rock floating in space. You guessed it: the incredible, brilliant sun.

The Earth gets more energy from this ball of fire and gas in one day than the whole world’s population uses in an entire year. Every living thing depends on the sun for its existence, from tiny microbes deep in the ocean to plants, animals and people.

Humans have been tinkering with solar energy since the dawn of time. Ancient civilizations used glass and mirrors to light fires, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that technology was developed to convert the sun’s energy into electricity using photovoltaic cells. Today, solar technology is more efficient and less expensive and is used all around the globe to create electricity, heat water, cook food and even power vehicles.

So how do solar panels usually work? When the sun hits a solar panel, material inside (usually silicon) absorbs the energy. This causes the electrons and its atoms to get very excited and start dancing around. The atoms then get hot and shed the electrons, which travel out of the panel through copper wiring and — ZAP! — we have electricity! A control device called an inverter changes this electricity from direct current to the alternating current we use. The electricity then passes from breaker boxes to outlets and into electrical items like a computer and lights. Whatever you don’t use can go back into the grid to be used by someone else.

So there you have it — the amazing power of the sun. Some people see a future where most of our energy can come from this pollution-free and renewable resource, and that’s a sunny outlook that will make the whole world smile!

About Green Mountain Energy: As the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer, we’ve been on a mission to change the way power is made since 1997. By choosing our 100% clean, renewable wind and solar energy plans for their homes and businesses, Green Mountain customers have avoided more than 81 billion pounds of CO2 emissions to date — that’s like taking 8.6 million cars off the road for an entire year! But, we’re more than just an energy company. We’re helping our customers make a positive environmental impact, support a cleaner grid and green their carbon footprints with sustainable living solutions, renewable energy plans and the purchase of carbon offsets. And, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®, has donated more than million in grants to nonprofits for sustainability projects focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmental stewardship. For more information, visit and Together, we’re building a cleaner, greener tomorrow. About: Green Mountain Energy is the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer and believes in using wind, sun and water for good. The company was founded in 1997 with the mission to “change the way power is made.” Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, as well as carbon offsets and sustainable solutions for businesses.

More from Green Mountain Energy!

© 2020 Green Mountain Energy Company. All rights reserved.
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This talk is a wonderful global perspective on climate change and the effective actions we can take as individuals to collectively save the planet. Gordian Raacke is executive director of Renewable Energy Long Island, a not-for-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy systems. With a degree in civil engineer and 25-year track record on regional energy issues, Mr. Raacke will portray why and how we must and will transition to a 100% renewable energy supply glocally.
Gordian was a founding member of the Long Island Offshore Wind Initiative established in 2002, helped build the solar market on Long Island, and was trained by Vice President Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader. In 2011, he led an initiative to study a one-hundred percent renewable electricity future for the region. He chaired the Energy Sustainability Committee of the Town of East Hampton and serves on the Town of Southampton Sustainability Committee, helping to formulate and implement community-wide 100% renewable energy goals. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Renewable Energy from Recycled Materials – Make Science Fun

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Renewable Energy from Recycled Materials - Make Science Fun

I put this episode together to help a subscriber who has to do a Science Project on making renewable energy from recycled materials.
I found a few projects around the house I had built in the past, they are mainly based on Direct Current Motors being turned by some device to produce electricity. So using thrown out exercise bikes, electric scooters etc to generate electricity to power lights and motorized butterflies!
The finale is where I teardown a printer/scanner which had been thrown out, and using the print rail, generate electricity to make a creepy dolls eyes light up…
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Waste Recycle Energy complex.avi

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WREC is invented by Russian Innovation center with Non Governmental Organization in Russian Federation (registered under Ministry of Russian Federation) Bangladesh Center for Culture,Science and Information.
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Minecraft – Renewable Energy – Achievement Guide! – Episode 42

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► In this Achievement Guide video, I tell you how to unlock the Achievement “Renewable Energy” hope you enjoy.

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My 6 Favorite (NATURAL) Pre-Workout Ingredients for Energy and Focus

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Are you on the couch scrolling through Facebook when you should be at the gym?►►Subscribe and never miss a single video from Legion Athletics:
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If you know what I’m talking about, then you need to watch this video because I’m going to share with you my six favorite natural ingredients to take before workouts that will get you fired up, focused, and motivated to hit the gym.

Favorite Natural Pre-workout Ingredient #1: Caffeine
The first ingredient is caffeine because dozens of studies have shown that it boosts your strength and endurance. And it helps reverse the morning weakness that we have all experienced.

Favorite Natural Pre-workout Ingredient #2: Theanine
Now Number Two on my list of favorite workout ingredients is theanine which is an amino acid that is found primarily in tea. And studies show that it works synergistically with caffeine to further improve alertness, mood, memory and mental performance, as well as prevent the crash that we’ve all experienced after having caffeine.

Favorite Natural Pre-workout Ingredient #3: Beta-alanine
Okay, my third go-to ingredient for boosting workout performance is beta-alanine which is also an amino acid that is found mostly in protein-rich foods like chicken, beef, pork, and fish. And studies show that it boosts muscle endurance and reduces exercise-induced fatigue. Which means it helps you push harder in your workouts before you have to tap out.

Favorite Natural Pre-workout Ingredient #4: Citrulline
My fourth favorite ingredient for having better workouts and getting better results is citrulline which is yet another amino acid, and this one is found primarily in plant foods like watermelon, pomegranate and walnuts and studies show that it increases energy production and muscle endurance and also reduces post-workout muscle soreness.

Favorite Natural Pre-workout Ingredient #5: Ornithine
The fifth pre-workout ingredient that you need to know about is ornithine which is an amino acid of course that your body creates out of another amino acid called arginine. Now ornithine helps get rid of the toxic ammonia that builds up in your body when you work out which is why studies show that it can reduce fatigue during prolonged exercise.

Favorite Natural Pre-workout Ingredient #6: Betaine
Okay, so my last but not least favorite ingredient from making workouts more enjoyable and more productive is betaine. Now, this is a natural compound that is found in, you guessed it. Beets. As well as other foods like wheat bran, quinoa, and spinach.

So those are the six natural pre-workout ingredients that I recommend and personally take before every workout for increasing energy, mood, strength, power and endurance. And the bottom line is if you want more energy and motivation to crush your workouts and if you want to build your best body ever even faster, then I would highly recommend adding these six ingredients to your daily regimen.

That’s why my team and I at Lesion Athletics have created a pre-workout drink that provides each of these six ingredients in the exact right dosages. It’s called Pulse, and all you have to do is mix up a serving before a workout, slam it down or sip it down if you prefer. It’s pretty tasty. And wait for the magic.

As soon as you drink Pulse, the clinically effective dosages of caffeine and theanine are going to give you a smooth surge of energy and focus. And the beta-alanine, citrulline, betaine and ornithine are going to boost your strength, endurance and stamina while you workout.

And all of that is why Pulse has tens of thousands of raving fans who swear they will never try another pre-workout drink again. And why it has over 3,100 reviews on with a 4.5 star average. As well as another 600 plus on my website also with a 4.5 star average. So click the link in this post or on this video. And check out Pulse for yourself. And if you like what you see, and if you want more energy and focus to absolutely crush your workouts, then pick up a bottle and you will never again lack the motivation to hit the gym:
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Recycle Energy

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Non-renewable Energy Sources – Types of Energy for Kids

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Non-renewable Energy Sources - Types of Energy for Kids

Educational video for children to learn what non-renewable energy sources are, which are their main properties and what types of energies exist. Non-renewable energy resources are limited and don’t replenish naturally. Oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy are some examples of non-renewable energy sources. In this video, children will discover the disadvantages of non-renewable energy sources as contrasted with renewable energy sources: non-renewable energies emit contaminating gases and sometimes create radioactive residues or even natural disasters. To contribute in looking after the environment, it is important to reduce the use of non-renewable energy resources.

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Welcome to another modded Minecraft series showing you all about the mod Embers (for Minecraft 1.11.2 but may also apply to other versions)!

Embers Playlist 1.11.2:
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Minecraft (1.11.2) mod Embers (version 0.214) by Elucent.

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Tenzing all Natural Energy Drink review! Sounds very nice, but how does it taste?

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Today we try the Tenzing Energy Drink, in Original, and Raspberry and Yuzu flavours.

It’s 100%: Vegan friendly, non GMO, BPA free and recyclable. All very good things.

The caffeine content is 32mg/100ml and the can is 250ml. We could only find the nutritional info and ingredients for the original flavour on their website, but they’re both quite similar anyway.

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