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Transforming rice farming through regenerative production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Transforming rice farming through regenerative production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The global food system is responsible for between 20-30% of greenhouse gas emissions. How can we produce rice, a food staple eaten by over half the world’s population — in a way that uses fewer resources and regenerates nature? More and more farmers around the world are adopting an agroecological approach called the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), which reduces water use, methane production, and the use of chemicals, while providing better yields and reducing labour for rice farmers.
Thank you for watching this video. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity that develops and promotes the idea of a circular economy, which – driven by design, eliminates waste and pollution, circulates products and materials, and regenerates nature.

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Harnessing water innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Water is vital to our existence. It is no doubt that we need water to live, and it is expected that demand for water will only increase as our population grows. But can we meet this demand while ensuring that we reach our carbon emission targets in the future? The water sector contributes to about 2% of greenhouse gas emissions, and while this is not significantly large, it is still a meaningful amount.

AECOM’s Scott Dunn, Chief Strategy Officer, Asia, and Beverley Stinson, Chief Executive, Global Business Line ‒ Water, join this discussion at the Singapore International Water Week 2022. They explore innovative and smart solutions on how we can potentially reduce carbon emissions in the water sector for a future with more water and less carbon.

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How do you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions?

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We are working on the ACT’s Climate Strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here are a few ways that Canberrans are playing their part and contributing to a more sustainable city.

Ways To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation

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Transportation expert and Better Transit Alliance member, Eric Doherty, provides some examples of how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our daily transportation needs.

Part of the Creating a One Planet Region Livestream event.
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How Do Greenhouse Gases Actually Work?

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Want to learn more about the topic in this week’s video? Here are some key words/phrases to get your googling started:
– Radiation balance – incoming radiant energy from the sun minus outgoing energy heading into space.
– Infrared radiation – electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to us; comes in longer wavelengths than visible light and provides energy transfer we call heat.

MinuteEarth provides an energetic and entertaining view of trends in earth’s environment – in just a few minutes!
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Virtual Chembook, Elmhurst College, Charles E. Ophardt

Climate and Earth’s Energy Budget, NASA Earth Observatory

Infrared spectroscopy/Caltech (mirrored from UCLA chemistry)

Designing Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Energy Use

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Designing Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Energy Use

Sanford School of Policy professor Billy Pizer outlines the challenges of designing policies that rein in the environmental impacts of energy use.

While it’s true that Earth’s temperatures and carbon dioxide levels have always fluctuated, the reality is that humans’ greenhouse emissions since the industrial revolution have put us in uncharted territory.


Written by Dr Benjamin Henley and Assoc Prof Nerilie Abrams.
Animated and edited by Wes Mountain for The Conversation.
Music: Kevin Macleod – Faster Does It
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How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission at Home | “Climate Solutions 101” Review | Reduce CO2 at Home

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What I learned from watching documentary “Climates Solutions 101”. What I do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home. How to live eco friendly and sustainably.

I truly believe that we can save money the same time saving the planet. The over consuming culture today is really out of control, and we all need to be more mindful and cautious when it comes to buying and returning.

How to mix and match?
How to style a dress for all seasons?
How to reuse and repurpose a simple glass jar?
What side hustles everyone can do?
What are the side hustles without investment?
Side hustles with 0 investment.
What does frugality mean to you?
How to live frugally?
What a frugal person like?
How does a frugal person live?
Why people live frugally?
Is frugal same as cheap?
Is being frugal being cheap?
Are frugal and cheap the same?
What is the difference between frugal and cheap?
How to save money easily and daily?
Frugal living habits that saves quickly and easily.
How is frugal living like.
How is daily life of a frugal person?
Can I save money everyday?
How to save money everyday?
Are their quick ways to save money?
What do i need to do to save money quickly?
How to save money fast?
How to live frugally to save money?
Tips on spend less and save more.
How to save on groceries. How to save on cars and insurance. How to save on clothing. How to save on utilities. How to save around the kitchen. How to save on everything. How to be low maintenance and save money. What do i need to do to save money fast.

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Sharing 50 tips that I practice daily and have saved me thousands over the years. These tips are proven to be true and useful.

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Webinar: Quantifying the Potential to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Join GBB’s Benjamin John, Climate Change & Energy Specialist, and grow you climate literacy as he discusses everything you need to know about greenhouse gases (GHGs) and your carbon footprint. You’ll also learn how to calculate your personal greenhouse gas emissions using GBB’s carbon calculator and what your results mean!
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Key points to reduce your livestock system’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions’

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*I wylio’r fideo Cymraeg –

Welsh farming practises are amongst some of the most sustainable and efficient in the world relying on abundant grass and rainfall and non-intensive methods. There is however more room to ‘get greener’ to reach the #NetZero target by 2050.

Here our Red Meat Technical Officer, Dr Non Williams explains how introducing certain measures into your farms practises can mitigate the GHG’s produced. Additional benefits include improved efficiency of livestock production resulting in increased profitability.

Discover how Farming Connect is helping to increase efficiencies by working with our network of Demonstration Farms:

Reduce Carbon Emissions With Oilfield Electrification

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Oil and gas companies are electrifying assets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support ESG goals. Using an integrated EPC approach delivers fewer operational upsets, speed to market, and cost efficiency and savings. #OilfieldElectrification #OilfieldESG #OilfieldEPC

Simon Palacio:
The oil and gas industry has been one of the largest non-nation targets for activists seeking greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the world. Oil and gas is one of the biggest polluters in the world. So exploration and production companies have to maintain an ESG portfolio and show efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, just in order to have access to capital, to find new fields, drill new wells, and build their infrastructure. Greenhouse gas reductions is not just good for the environment. It’s good business as well.

With mounting environmental pressures driven as a means of access to capital and pressures to reduce lease operating expenses, exploration and production companies have been pushed to electrify all of their assets at almost all pieces of oilfield equipment out there, whether it be pumps or drill rigs can be electrified. Oilfield electrification is the comprehensive process that includes everything from pre-capital consulting through commissioning and closeout. We’re transitioning the power source of upstream oil and gas production assets, like your rigs and your drills from fossil fuels, which have been primarily gas and diesel to the electric grid, renewable power.

The ultimate goal of oilfield electrification is to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in what has been a very traditionally fossil fuel equipment-driven process. Burns & McDonnell is the only EPC firm in the industry that’s offering it as an all-inclusive program. This partnership is going to bring oil and gas companies, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, fewer operational upsets, speed to market, cost efficiency and savings, routine flaring reduction, and it’s going to support ESG goals. We value a deep trust in our partnerships that has proven to deliver lasting results since 1898.
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Scientists ‘potty train’ cows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Scientists ‘potty train’ cows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Scientists trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have successfully toilet trained cows. Ammonia from the animals’ urine breaks down into nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas, when it mixes with soil. But researchers find that can be prevented if cows use a designated toilet where their urine is collected and treated. They have successfully taught 11 cows to use the “MooLoo”.

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions – How do we reduce GHG emissions?

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Applications and skills:
Discussion of the different approaches to the control of carbon dioxide emissions.