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How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission at Home | “Climate Solutions 101” Review | Reduce CO2 at Home

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What I learned from watching documentary “Climates Solutions 101”. What I do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home. How to live eco friendly and sustainably.

I truly believe that we can save money the same time saving the planet. The over consuming culture today is really out of control, and we all need to be more mindful and cautious when it comes to buying and returning.

How to mix and match?
How to style a dress for all seasons?
How to reuse and repurpose a simple glass jar?
What side hustles everyone can do?
What are the side hustles without investment?
Side hustles with 0 investment.
What does frugality mean to you?
How to live frugally?
What a frugal person like?
How does a frugal person live?
Why people live frugally?
Is frugal same as cheap?
Is being frugal being cheap?
Are frugal and cheap the same?
What is the difference between frugal and cheap?
How to save money easily and daily?
Frugal living habits that saves quickly and easily.
How is frugal living like.
How is daily life of a frugal person?
Can I save money everyday?
How to save money everyday?
Are their quick ways to save money?
What do i need to do to save money quickly?
How to save money fast?
How to live frugally to save money?
Tips on spend less and save more.
How to save on groceries. How to save on cars and insurance. How to save on clothing. How to save on utilities. How to save around the kitchen. How to save on everything. How to be low maintenance and save money. What do i need to do to save money fast.

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Sharing 50 tips that I practice daily and have saved me thousands over the years. These tips are proven to be true and useful.

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Eco-efficient transport and modern energy solutions

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What possible solutions are there to the problems of climate change and decreasing availability of fossil fuels?

STOA is the Science and Technology Options Assessment body of the European Parliament.

This video explains STOA’s work on eco-efficient transport and modern energy solutions carried out from 2009 to 2014, the seventh legislature of the European Parliament.

For more information, visit our website:

Here are links to videos with more details about the work STOA has carried out from 2009 to 2014:

STOA: Science and Technology Options Assessment in the European Parliament, 2009-2014

Sustainable management of natural resources

Security of the internet

Health and technology in the life sciences

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

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5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas & Solutions For The Future

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Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video – Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project –,
2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro –
5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) –
7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power –
9:43 ➤ Floating Solar –

Some other cool renewable energy projects:
Nuclear Fusion Reactor –,
Nuclear Waste Reactor –,


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This whirlpool turbine can power dozens of homes, providing energy 24 hours a day. Belgian company Turbulent have possibly come up with a solution to generate energy for small-scale rural areas. Using the power of water, the turbine can be installed to most river and canals, using the current to produce energy – which the creators claim is enough to power up to 60 homes.

Could this be the future for all energy production?

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