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This Breakthrough Energy Source Will Replace Nuclear & Coal!

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Doubters of wind and solar power often point to intermittency as a reason why they’ll never replace fossil fuels for energy generation. Then there’s nuclear which has also proven to be difficult. But what if there was a nearly ENDLESS supply of clean, carbon free energy that’s available 24/7? While geothermal energy isn’t a new idea, there are some new breakthroughs that just might give them their time in the limelight. But if it’s so great why isn’t it everywhere? And what sorts of pros and cons can we expect? Let’s talk about Geothermal! EPIC CLEAN Energy Source is Cheaper than Nuclear & Coal!

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00:00 Introduction
00:56 How they work
04:22 Key Benefits
05:36 Largest Geothermal Plant
06:05 What’s the Problem?
06:42 Key Technology
08:35 Current Drawbacks
10:21 New Technology
12:19 Conclusions

what we’ll cover
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EPIC CLEAN Energy Source is Cheaper than Nuclear & Coal! Geothermal is Free, Clean & Endless Energy but There’s a BIG Problem, Free Clean & Endless Energy but There’s a HUGE Problem, Breakthrough Energy Source Cleaner Than Solar & Cheaper Than Coal! This Breakthrough Energy Source Will Replace Nuclear & Coal!
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Why is FRANCE betting on NUCLEAR ENERGY again? – VisualPolitik EN

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In order to guarantee France’s electricity supply, become more competitive and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Emannuel Macron has just put France back in the race for nuclear development. The French nation, the country that is most dependent on nuclear energy, will build new reactors in the coming years. And that’s not all, it is also fighting hard for the European Union to consider nuclear as a green and sustainable energy.

In this video we tell you all the details about France’s recent bid to return to the atomic age.
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Nuclear Energy

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025 – Nuclear Energy

In this video Paul Andersen explains how nuclear energy is released during fission of radioactive uranium. Light water reactors, nuclear waste, and nuclear accidents are also discussed along with the future of nuclear energy.

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Learn the positives and negatives of nuclear power.
In the ’70s people started getting excited about nuclear energy because it has the technology required to be used on a large scale.
In fact, nuclear energy accounts for roughly 21% of the electricity produced in the US.
Compare this to all of the other renewables like solar and wind which combined only produce 12%
But, nuclear power has a dark side

Nuclear Energy Transcript
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Finland Might Have Solved Nuclear Power’s Biggest Problem

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Finland is building the largest and most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe – and may have worked out what to do with spent nuclear fuel once and for all. Discover how to build in 2030 with Bluebeam –

Full story here –

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This could be the most important construction project of our lifetimes. See how digital tools are enabling the ITER project –

Full story here –

This video contains paid promotion for Thinkproject. See how ITER’s teams are using Thinkproject’s tools to stay on track –

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Czech Republic calls nuclear energy a 'priority' as it assumes EU Council Presidency | DW Business

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Nuclear power is getting more support on the EU-level as the Czech Republic assumes the EU Council Presidency. Leaders there say pushing up support for atomic energy is a priority. While countries like Germany, Denmark and Austria are saying goodbye to it, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland (and also France) are focusing on expanding their nuclear energy.

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We Solved Nuclear Waste Decades Ago

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We Solved Nuclear Waste Decades Ago

Nuclear waste is not glowing barrels or green goo. And nuclear waste storage is not at the bottom of some river. This is the reality of a situation we actually solved decades ago.


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Worst Nuclear Accidents in History

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Worst Nuclear Accidents in History

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Nuclear energy creates an uneasy feeling of danger for many people: ancient and dangerous minerals are concentrated to awaken seemingly unnatural powers, creating toxic elements that, if they escape, can and have killed people in horrible ways. How many people has nuclear energy killed and how?

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Germany's New Nuclear Fusion Reactor SHOCKS The Entire Industry!

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Germany's New Nuclear Fusion Reactor SHOCKS The Entire Industry!

Nuclear Fusion has potential beyond what you can imagine. It has the
potential to power the stars. It can offer practically infinite energy with zero
carbon emissions if it can be recreated on Earth. And unlike the current
nuclear fission technology, Nuclear Fusion does not produce any long-term
radioactive waste.
For decades, the technology has appeared to be just out of reach, yet the
reward is so great that billions of dollars continue to flow into the field.
However, Germany’s foremost plasma research facility has set a new record
with its new Nuclear Fusion Reactor, demonstrating that we are moving
closer to the wonderful objective of fusion power – an almost endless source
of clean, renewable energy.

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Nuclear Energy: Abundant, Clean, and Safe

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If you truly want to save the planet from global warming, there’s one energy source that can do it. It’s not wind or solar. It’s not coal, oil or natural gas, either. So what is it? Michael Shellenberger, founder of Environmental Progress, has the answer in this important video.

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France gets 70% of its power from one carbon-free source. Sweden 40%. Switzerland 36%. The United States 20%.

For those who wish to create a world free of carbon emissions, France is clearly the role model. 

That source of energy, by the way, is not solar or wind. It’s not coal, oil or natural gas, either.

It’s nuclear. 

Nuclear energy is not only cleaner than all other forms of energy. It’s also cheaper to create, abundant and safe. 

Yes, safe.

So, if the world is going to end in a few years because of global warming due to rising CO2 levels, why aren’t we going all out to produce this abundant, clean and safe form of energy? Why aren’t there dozens of nuclear power plants in development all over the world? 

Well, we all know the answer, right? Nuclear energy is just too risky… too dangerous.

So, even though we’re told we’re facing an “existential crisis”—which means humans may cease to exist; even though we might all wither away in unbearable heat; or starve because of world-wide droughts; or drown in rising seas; or be killed in Mad Max-style riots—nuclear energy is off the table… because… it’s too darn risky. 


I want to be sure I have this right. The goal is to save humanity…There’s a way to save humanity…And we won’t take it. Because we’re afraid, there might be a bad accident… or something. 

Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn’t to me.  

But maybe I’m not giving enough weight to the safety argument, so let’s take a closer look at that since no one, not even the most radical environmentalist, disputes that nuclear power produces massive amounts of energy cleanly and efficiently. 

Safety, like everything else, is a matter of context. So, here’s some context. 1.4 million people die worldwide every year in traffic accidents, 2.3 million in work-related accidents, 4.2 million from air pollution. Deaths directly related to nuclear power? Under 200—not annually but in the entire history of the nuclear power industry. 

But what about those famous nuclear disasters we’ve all heard so much about? Didn’t they poison untold thousands? Three Mile Island in 1979, Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011. 

Okay, let’s deal with each one.  

Three Mile Island:

There was an accident at the plant, yes, but the amount of radiation that leaked was no more than one might receive taking a chest x-ray. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged as much four weeks after the initial media hysteria died down. “We goofed,” the commission told Congress.  “There was no danger of any hydrogen explosion.” But that didn’t grab the headlines. 


The accident developed into a catastrophe only because of pitiful safety procedures unique to the Soviet Union. It would never have occured in the West. Even so, initial reports of radiation leakage turned out to be grossly exaggerated. According to the World Health Organization, “As of mid-2005”—that’s 19 years after the explosion—“fewer than 50 deaths had been directly attributed to radiation from the disaster.” 


In 2011, as a result of an earthquake and tsunami, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was destroyed, and nuclear radiation was released. Yet, despite the media hysteria, not one person at the power plant died because of radiation leaks. The deaths that occurred in the area were the result of the tsunami. 

Well, what about nuclear waste? Surely that’s terribly harmful. 

Actually, no. All the nuclear waste ever generated in the US can fit on a single football field stacked less than seventy feet high. It’s easily and safely buried in steel canisters encased in concrete. 

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Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy – BBC News

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European scientists say they have made a major breakthrough in their quest to develop practical nuclear fusion – the energy process that powers the stars.

The UK-based JET laboratory has smashed its own world record for the amount of energy it can extract by squeezing together two forms of hydrogen.

If nuclear fusion can be successfully recreated on Earth it holds out the potential of virtually unlimited supplies of low-carbon, low-radiation energy.

The experiments produced 59 megajoules of energy over five seconds, more than double what was achieved in similar tests back in 1997.

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Nuclear power was a major discovery of the 20th century. Today, it continues to play an important role regarding the future energy mix, climate change, innovation, and proliferation. In fact, we observe an increasing interest in nuclear power to combat fossil fuel emissions and climate change. Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-founder and philanthropist, is investing in so-called “new” nuclear technology, and Frank Thelen, a well-know German VC investor, consiers nuclear power sustainable and a key for decarbonization. So do some countries, like China, Russia, and the United States. Even the Fridays-For-Future movement (FFF) is engaged in this discussion.

In this TEDxTUBerlin talk, I take a different position. As an industrial engineer and political economist, I deploy an interdisciplinary approach: I provide technological arguments, in combination with economic analysis and I address the long-term dream about the “potential” of nuclear power that prevails since 1945, but in reality has never come true. Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen is a German economist and currently the chairman of the Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy (WIP) at Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at