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Doubters of wind and solar power often point to intermittency as a reason why they’ll never replace fossil fuels for energy generation. Then there’s nuclear which has also proven to be difficult. But what if there was a nearly ENDLESS supply of clean, carbon free energy that’s available 24/7? While geothermal energy isn’t a new idea, there are some new breakthroughs that just might give them their time in the limelight. But if it’s so great why isn’t it everywhere? And what sorts of pros and cons can we expect? Let’s talk about Geothermal! EPIC CLEAN Energy Source is Cheaper than Nuclear & Coal!

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00:00 Introduction
00:56 How they work
04:22 Key Benefits
05:36 Largest Geothermal Plant
06:05 What’s the Problem?
06:42 Key Technology
08:35 Current Drawbacks
10:21 New Technology
12:19 Conclusions

what we’ll cover
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EPIC CLEAN Energy Source is Cheaper than Nuclear & Coal! Geothermal is Free, Clean & Endless Energy but There’s a BIG Problem, Free Clean & Endless Energy but There’s a HUGE Problem, Breakthrough Energy Source Cleaner Than Solar & Cheaper Than Coal! This Breakthrough Energy Source Will Replace Nuclear & Coal!
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