GETABEC special design for solid fuels such as bio-mass, rice husk, waste wood, coal etc. Also we will convert biomass and industrial waste to clean energy. One of our policies to offer the customer the highest product quality.

Solutions for the wood, food and agro industry and for companies investing in renewable energy.
Fuel choices can be selected from Natural or urban wood waste, oat hulls, rise husks or sunflower hulls, coffee spent ground or palm oil residues and many others.
Highly efficient standard series (up to 10 Mw) and tailor-made energy solutions (up to 100Mw)
Technology adapted to your specific process, ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership thanks to a high availability, a high energy efficiency and low cost of operation
Operational assistance and yearly maintenance services in Asia.
Using waste generated on site or supplied by producers, plants are heated, process heat supplied and electricity generated. This can be done economically for the small or medium sized company as well as for the large company.

Capacity from 1,000 up to 100,00 kg/hr

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