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Electricity is very important to people. We use it to power our homes, cities and trains and cars.

One of the main ways we produce electricity is with the use of a generator. A generator is a device that converts mechanical kinetic energy into electrical energy.

A wind turbine is a very large windmill that uses the kinetic energy in wind to spin its blades. The blades spin a generator that transforms the energy into electrical energy.

Often, particularly in very windy places, many wind turbines are grouped together to form a wind farm. Wind farms can produce enough electricity to power whole cities.

A big advantage of wind energy is that it is a clean and renewable energy source. It does not require the burning of fuels and does not produce harmful emissions in to the air.

There are some disadvantages of using wind energy. The large spinning blades on a wind turbine can kill or harm flying animal like birds and bat. They can produce loud sounds that can disturb natural environments and be annoying to people. And if damaged, wind turbines can be expensive to repair.

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