Exploring Energy: Biomass

Biomass is considered a renewable organic material that can be burned for energy. However, this isn’t always the case. Quality wood pellets with low moisture content have only about half as much energy content as an equivalent amount of coal (by mass). Biomass power plants also emit 50 to 85 percent more carbon dioxide than modern coal plants, and more than three times as much carbon dioxide as natural gas-fueled power plants.

Heartland’s Linnea Lueken breaks down the details behind this biomass as an energy source in the newest episode of Exploring Energy.

For more detail and all the sources used in this video, please check out Linnea’s Energy at a Glance paper series:
Energy at a Glance: Biomass – https://www.heartland.org/publications-resources/publications/biomass-for-energy?source=policybot

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