Oklahoma State University Professor Jim Bose is using a device from the 1800s to conserve energy and save residents a lot of money. Bose explains how geothermal heat pumps may cost a little extra to install, but the long-term effects are well worth the conservation and economy stimulation.

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This video talking about ground source heat and other names of this ground energy is geothermal energy. natural hot springs are due to geothermal energy and these hot spring are also known as natural geysers.
this video talking about the mystery behind hot water in a lot of temples in india.
mainly 3 types of geothermal power plant dry steam power plant, flash steam power plant, and binary steam power plant

topic covered in this video

0:0 Geothermal energy concept
4:26 Electricity generation from geothermal
4:45 types of geothermal power plant
7:06 Advantage of geothermal energy
7:36 Disadvantage of geothermal energy

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