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Recycling for Kids | Recycling Plastic, Glass and Paper | Recycle Symbol | Earth Day

Let’s learn about recycling. Recycling is a process that involves improving disposable things. Or, it is a process to turn used waste and materials into useful products. The concept of recycling allows us to make our environment clean, as it keeps the collection of harmful bottles and materials at a minimum.

In other terms, if you think about what is recycling—it is a process that involves converting waste and useless materials into something useful, which could be used for later purposes.

We should encourage recycling in our society, as it is responsible for keeping the environment free from any harmful materials, which cannot be decomposed into a natural landfill.
Kids should know about recycling so they could take a step forward to make the environment clean.

A majority of the recyclable items include; bottles, wrappers, plastic containers, etc.

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Creating Energy - From Non-Recycled Plastics!

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New technologies are transforming used, non-recycled plastics into oil, fuels, and petroleum-based products. These plastics-to-fuel technologies are helping recover clean energy from plastics that can’t be economically recycled.
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