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In this video you will learn | Towards Green Energy Class 10 | Towards Green Energy Class 10th | Science 2 | Chapter 5 | Part 1 | Maharashtra Board New Syllabus | 2018-19 – page 47 to 50

Points Covered-
* Energy and use of energy
* Generation of electrical energy
* Thermal energy based electric power station
— Problems

Time Stamp
0:33 What is Energy ?
0:58 What are different types of Energy ?
2:36 What are different forms of Energy ?
3:09 Energy and use of energy Class 10th
6:32 Where do we use electrical energy in our day to day life ?
7:15 How Electric energy is produced ?
7:55 Generation of Electrical Energy Class 10th
19:58 Thermal Energy based Electric Power Station Class 10th
27:08 Why the energy in coal is called chemical energy ?
28:32 Why steam is used to rotate the turbine ?
35:40 Problems of Thermal Power generation

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