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Sweden Actually Turns It's Garbage Into Energy | Save The World

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From environmental issues to climate change and plastic in our oceans, here are creative solutions to fixing the world around us. After all, we’re all in this together.
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How to Make Free Energy Generator 220v From Alternator Generator Recycle Free Energy
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Are Teslas Actually Better For The Environment?

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Are Teslas Better For The Environment Than Gasoline Cars?
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Are Tesla Electric Cars actually better for the environment versus alternative energy sources? Do electric cars have lower emissions, even if their energy comes from fossil fuels? Between electric, hydrogen, gasoline, diesel, and hybrids, which uses the least amount of total energy, from well to wheel? This video will analyze the entire energy equation, starting from the very source of the fuel, whether that’s petroleum, natural gas, or other energy sources.

Featured in the video is a 1965 Convertible Bug powered with Tesla battery pack modules. The car uses five modules of the 16 total in a Tesla Model S or X battery pack, giving it approximately 100 miles of range, paired with a 102 horsepower electric motor, and a manual transmission! It’s the ultimate environmentally friendly car, with a reused Beetle matched with reused Tesla batteries. Check out the video for a full breakdown of the emissions related impact of gasoline vs electric cars.

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