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NREL Energy Basics: Biomass

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Learn how biomass creates power from waste in this engaging video by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This video is part of a nine-part series teaching about the basics of renewable energy. For a text version of this video, visit For more educational content, visit

Power Vs Energy (kW vs. kWh) : Absolute Solar Power Basics

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When it comes to solar, Power (kW) and Energy (kWh) are two of the things I see people get mixed up the most – I’ve even seen trained solar salesmen confuse the two, especially when talking about batteries.

If you want to fundamentally understand solar power, batteries, electric cars, and the future of energy so you can reap the benefits of the technology instead of being bewildered by it all, then understanding the difference between power and energy is your first step.

In this video, I break down how the two relate to solar power and solar batteries in a simple, intuitive way.

If you know almost nothing about solar, consider this video your entry point :). You can also read about the difference between power and energy here: