Benefits of Drones for Solar Energy

In this video, we will discuss the use of drone technology in the solar industry for inspecting and maintaining photovoltaic systems. Solar PV systems are the world’s fastest-growing source of renewable energy, but concerns around how asset managers plan on maintaining these energy facilities poses a difficult question. What is the best cost-effective method for inspecting these PV systems that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and accuracy? The answer to this problem is drone technology.

Drones are revolutionizing every stage of the PV system lifecycle, from design, construction, commissioning, and maintenance. They are equipped with thermal imaging cameras that can identify solar anomalies such as cell hot spots, string outages, and reverse polarity. They can cover up to 50 megawatts per day and eliminate the need for plant downtime, making solar asset inspections more efficient than ever before.

Drones also provide a unique perspective that can be used to track the degradation of solar installations over time, and are safer for technicians as they are non-contact devices. Additionally, they provide an unmatched level of accuracy for data collection and analysis. Drones are increasingly being utilized by asset owners, EPC contractors, O&M teams, and OEM companies to fulfill their inspection needs.

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