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Graphene, Enhancing the environmentally friendly fuel cell | Prabhuraj Balakrishnan | TEDxSOAS

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Graphene, Enhancing the environmentally friendly fuel cell | Prabhuraj Balakrishnan | TEDxSOAS

”Graphene, a wonder material for energy delivery and sustainability.”

Prabhuraj Balakrishnan is a Chemical Engineering researcher in the University Of Manchester, UK working on usage of material of today’s interest – graphene in environmental sustainable energy delivery applications.
Before pursuing research in Manchester in 2012, he graduated as a University Topper with gold medal from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India. From his undergraduate studies, he developed interest in emerging energy technology devices such as batteries, supercapacitors, internal combustion engines etc.
He has presented his research works in several international conferences held across USA, Holland, UK, and Brazil and his patented works, publications could be found in leading science magazines.
Apart from his academic activities, he likes to read books; loves to go for horse riding in the country side in his free time and hang out with friends.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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광합성 원리 구현한 나노 촉매 물질 개발

A Korean research team’s latest discovery could potentially provide alternative, eco-friendly methods to meet our energy needs.
Kim Ji-yeon explains how the scientists picked up valuable hints from chemical reactions of photosynthesis in plants.

As part of efforts to find a new, sustainable source of eco-friendly energy,… a local research team has developed an advanced type of catalyst… to split water into oxygen and hydrogen molecules.
The catalyst is made of manganese… an element more abundant, and thus cheaper, than the widely used platinum,… which is what makes it attractive for practical applications.
Manganese costs around two U.S. dollars per kilogram,… which is about a thousandth of the price of platinum … and it’s 50 times more energy-efficient.

“The material converts water into hydrogen. Its production was inspired by photosynthesis in plants.”

As in plants, the manganese-based catalyst is a result of a series of chemcial reactions… as when water undergoes oxidation — that is, when an atom or compound loses electrons… and turns H-2-O into O-2.
In order to study the four or five complicated stages of the reaction… the research team created its own measuring device that could analyze reactions in each stage… which was difficult to do until now.

“The focus of the study is not only on trying to increase the efficiency of existing catalysts but it’s also about providing detailed analysis of the new catalyst’s performance, which is important for the development of new and improved versions in the future.”

The team forecasts the catalysts’ widespread industrial use within the next five years,… particularly in the electrochemistry sector and the production of lithium batteries.
The assumption is there’ll be more demand for renewable energy among the general public, which will prompt industries to develop technologies and products that are eco-friendly such as electric or hydrogen-powered automobiles.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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Paul Pantone GEET Fuel Processor, Clean Alternative Energy

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Plasma / Zero Point Energy.
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Let’s Make Energy Efficiency Our First Fuel

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Let's Make Energy Efficiency Our First Fuel

The cheapest, cleanest, greenest fuel is energy efficiency. Learn more on how energy efficiency has reduced our fuel consumption by more than 7% in Nova Scotia.

Passive House is an incredible building standard for designing and certifying energy efficient buildings (homes, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.). Using the 5 green building techniques explained in this video, Passive Houses need only 10% of the energy that a conventional home uses (that’s a 90% energy saving!).

We met up with Alex and Sandra from BCIT’s High Performance Building Lab in Vancouver, Canada to learn about the different ways that a home can be built to use less energy. They’re pretty simple to understand and don’t cost much more than a typical new build:

– Highly insulated building envelope
– High performance triple glazed windows
– Elimination of thermal bridges
– Continuous air sealed layer
– Heat recovery ventilation

The building lab at BCIT is a really exciting new space where tradespeople can come to learn about green building techniques. To learn more, check out this link to their website:

We want to say an extra special thank you to Sandra and Alex for taking time to show us how all of these building techniques worked (late into the evening!). We had a blast and learned so much!

Sandra Rohler
Passive House Instructor
BCIT High Performance Building Lab
Passive House Canada

Alexandre Hébert
Manager, Zero Energy Buildings, BCIT

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