Have you ever seen a dam in real life? Those huge structures are not only vital for our water needs in dry seasons but are also quite helpful in providing extra energy.

By repurposing rivers and lakes, they reimagine vast ecosystems. They supply millions of homes around the globe with electricity, but how do these structures provide an alternative power source to humanity?
The short answer is by generating electricity from water. Acquiring dam power is simple in principle. Using the water’s kinetic energy and converting it into electricity is not something new and people have been benefiting from it since the first civilizations. They do this by using gravity to their advantage.

However, producing the amount of energy in today’s scale is not an easy task for sure. It is easier said than done. Therefore, it takes quite a number of professionals and engineers to build an electric generating dam. Thanks to the high efficiency of this conversion, hydroelectric dams are still one of the most convenient and preferred ways for alternative energy sources. Composing of four different parts, these magnificent engineering wonders have been providing us with energy while also helping the environment.
Dam energy has been used for quite a while, and the reason is clear.

If you also find these structures interesting and want to know more about how they function, we highly recommend you watch this video. You will be surprised how much you can learn about how dams are capable of converting the water-energy into electricity.

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