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Energy from Volcanoes | Geothermal Energy | Grade 9 Science Quarter 3 Week 3 -4| DepEd MELC-based

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Energy from Volcanoes | Geothermal Energy | Grade 9 Science Quarter 3 Week 3 -4| DepEd MELC-based

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Grade 9 Science: Quarter 3 Week 3: Energy from Volcanoes: Geothermal Energy

Here are the sub-topics discussed in this video lesson:
– What is Geothermal energy?
– How to generate Geothermal energy
– Geothermal Power Plant
– Geothermal Heat pumps
– Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

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Wind Energy & Turbines For Kids | Science | Grade 5 | TutWay

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Topics Covered:
• Wind energy
• Uses of wind energy
• How is wind energy used to produce electricity ?
• What is a wind turbine ?
• What are horizontal axis wind turbines ?
• What are vertical axis wind turbines ?
• What is a wind farm ?
• What are the advantages of using wind energy ?
• Disadvantages of using wind energy ?

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