This hydroelectric power was built in 2020 and has a full 10 part series if you are interested in learning more. I have wanted to install micro hydro power for many years. I am happy to say that I now have a unit up and running. This is making anywhere from 100w to 450w depending on the rain level and season. The components of my install include
1. Elgin coanda intake screen
2. 55 gallon tank as silt catchment
3. 1100 feet of penstock providing 150 feet of head pressure
4. Pelton wheel and permanent magnet alternator from Langston’s alternative power
5. 250 feet of 10/3 wire
6. AC to DC rectifier
7. Midnite classic 250v charge controller
8. Grid tie limiter inverter
9. AGM batteries
10. Off Grid 6000w inverter

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