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Onboard the innovative floating tidal energy project in Nova Scotia

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Harnessing the power of the highest tides in the world produced by Canada’s Bay of Fundy has been a major engineering challenge. Sustainable Marine just did it, and they’re now selling tidal energy to the Nova Scotia government. The Weather Network was invited out to tour the floating platform to get a first hand look at the next gen technology just off Westport, Nova Scotia.

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Nova Scotia's tidal energy

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Nova Scotia is hoping it can finally harvest the power of the
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Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Zero I NOVA I PBS

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Most experts agree that the key to avoiding worsening effects from a changing climate is to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero, and through a strategy called “prevention,” humans can significantly cut emissions.

Explore how scientists approach the challenge, and discover the technologies that will help get us there.


Narrated by: Caitlin Saks
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