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Eco Friendly Biomass Gasifier Burners Now Available in Pakistan

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Eco Friendly Biomass Gasifier Burners Now Available in Pakistan

Sajid Mustafa and Rehan Tahir from Royal Bio Energy have taken an initiative to design and sell biomass burner stoves. Developed after extensive research; these burner stoves are not only eco friendly but also cheap. The fuel is created through organic waste which helps save the environment. They are also very easy to use, with zero smoke emission. It is very convenient for domestic use and will soon be introduced for commercial use as well. Watch the video to find out more about the eco friendly biomass gasifier burners.

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Merah 10 Lakh Ka Solar Panels Setup in Pakistan | How to SetUp Solar Panels

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Millionairo, this is how i am running my entire office on solar. Use solar panels to save money and ensure no load shedding in your shops, factories etc ★★★★★★★ FOLLOW: Azad Chaiwala | Motivator Of Pakistani Millionaires ★★★★★★★
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CBSE Class 10 Science – Sources of Energy – Solar energy is collectively the Visible rays, Infrared rays and small amount of ultraviolet radiations. Solar energy can be harnessed in two ways – Indirect Method and Direct Method.

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