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Wind, Hydro and Solar Energies | People and Environment | NTA UGC NET 2023 | Bharat Kumar

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Wind, Hydro and Solar Energies from People and Environment Subject for the preparation of NTA UGC NET Exam will be discussed in this session by Educator Bharat Kumar. Watch this complete video to learn more about Wind, Hydro and Solar Energies which will help you to crack NTA UGC NET Exam.

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Thinking about solar power? This video – Understanding Solar – goes through the basic principles of residential solar energy. This is part one of my popular three-part video and article guide to going solar in Australia in 2022.

0:00 – Introduction
1:07 – How solar panels work
3:09 – Anatomy of a solar power system
10:40 – Solar system energy production
11:56 – How solar saves you money
13:22 – Batteries and solar

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Solar 101, Part 1: Understanding Solar

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Covers what you need to know when comparing solar quotes and preparing to buy a solar power system.


*** Part 3: Owning Solar
Explains what to do after installing solar panels and how to make the most of your sytem. It also goes through what you should do to prepare for electric cars and home batteries.


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Spain's solar energy crisis: 62,000 people bankrupt after investing in solar panels • FRANCE 24

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Seventeen years ago, Spain’s socialist government decided to inject subsidies into renewable energy. As a result, thousands of Spanish families massively invested in photovoltaic energy. But, as you’ll see in our report, the dream rapidly turned into a nightmare.

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