Humans have an almost insatiable energy demand, so scientists and engineers are always on the lookout for sustainable ways to provide the energy we need. And some of these ideas go way beyond solar panels and wind turbines!

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The Winds of Change are Blowing: New Kite-Like Wind Turbine Promises to Revolutionize Wind Energy

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Here we take two automotive alternator, mount it together side by side on set of 5/8 threaded shaft. With one alternator converted in to brushless three phase 12-40 DCV motor and the other alike alternator in its OEM standard battery charging capability. The brushless DC motor spinning the alternator, let see what happen?. This video is part of a experiment to electrify the circuit with 14.5 DCV@ 100Ah and motor consumption below 30Ah at 12-24 DCV or approximately 40DC volts for more motor speed. this device can be consider to be a self-power DC or AC Eletric generator, that require no fuel or physical action from man or nature. The self power Eletric generator consumes 10% energy of the its total output. the self-power electric generator also known as the “ULTIMOTOR” is constructed of three phase permanent magnet rotor inside a AC three phase coil field. the 3-phase brushless DC to AC motor only require about 10-15amp at 12-14.5v. the car alternator produce 14.5v at 100amp/3000rpm. the brushless motor uses the same battery energy that the alternator is recharging. the al is capable of recharging many banks of batteries(float type or others) while providing electricity to refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machines, micro wave and many other house utility. the self-power electric generator can work in conditions of no sunlight or wind and off-grid with no fuel or fire and smoke. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CLEAN ENERGY DEVICE. non pollution. safe in the home. low voltage. No electrical Shock. it all automotive energy inverted to meet your 120-240 AC voltage needs.

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