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Why is it important to recycle?

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voxelstudios -- Waste to Energy Plant in Mexico

Waste to Energy Plant in Mexico City, the first in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world in its category.
Video presentation of the plant and description of the process to convert waste to energy.

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Scientists hope to recycle radioactive waste into "ultra-long life" power

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Scientists hope to recycle radioactive waste into "ultra-long life" power

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Nuclear waste from power plants could be recycled to create ‘ultra-long-life’ power sources, according to a team of researchers from the University the Bristol.

Scientists are developing diamond batteries which use energy from radioactive materials in the hope of transforming waste from decommissioned power stations across the UK. They were seen at work in Bristol on Wednesday.

“What we’ll be looking for is higher power devices which will incorporate much bigger diamond material or stacks of materials,” Scott said.

He explained: “[They] take ten to 15 years to get towards devices we could use in satellites, or spacecrafts, and perhaps one day, long in the future, maybe even mobile phones.”

Potential applications range from powering hearing aids and pacemakers to the automotive sector. “We might have four diamond batteries in your car, not to power it along the road but to tell the car when the pressure in the tires is getting low,” Scott added.

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KRAFTBLOCK's Energy Storage Systems Recycle Waste Energy

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KRAFTBLOCK builds universally applicable high temperature energy storage systems to recycle waste energy and to perform sector coupling.

Berlin is the second stop of the Get in the Ring Impact Competition, powered by ImpactCity and Unknown Group. We challenged German impact venturers – are their food, water or energy solutions bold enough to scale globally? We chose the 18 most promising ventures to dealmaking meetings on November 24, where they will test and prove and their impact solution with our curation of scaling partners and investors. Check out the entire list here:

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Heat ReCycle® solution

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Transforming a shortage into a strength by means of an innovative solution.

Siemens Energy Gas Turbines combined with Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle technology offers a unique power plant solution: Heat ReCycle®.

Heat ReCycle® solution provides affrodable electricity in regions of the world where water is a scarce resource, offering water-free solutions and producing lower emissions.

This power plant is designed specifically to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX compared to a water/steam cycle while maintaining an high level of efficiency.

How it works? Discover more in the video below.
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How to Make Free Energy Generator 220v Recycle Real Free Electricity Generator

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How to Make Free Energy Generator 220v Recycle Real Free Electricity Generator
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In this #kidfriendly #science #educationalvideo from the @bowtieguyandwife of #teacherspayteachers – the topic of the #conservation will be explored in addition to #vocabulary including #reduce #reuse & #recycle are explored. #earthscience #recycling #earthday #savetheearth #elementaryscience #georgiastandardsofexcellence #gse #distancelearning #learning #scientist #scienceforkids #stem #steam #cycle #nextgenerationscience #ngss

Recycle more personal energy for your life

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I learned how to stay positive more often because of seven habits that I use every day. I help people get more and higher quality energy into their lives. This is an interview I did with my friend, Catherine MacDonald on We’re talking about one of the most common reasons people don’t have enough energy these days: they don’t retain enough of their own energy before they recycle it to themselves and into the world around them.


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Proyecto de Jovenes Emprendedores: RECYCLE – ENERGY – 312 A

Welcome To Karthi Explains in this video we are going to see how waste plastic is turned into fuel by using Pyrolysis Animation


We can convert Plastic back into usable Fuel.
This Process is Called ” PLASTIC PYROLYSIS ” Also Known as DEPOLYMERIZATION.

In this process long Polymer molecules (plastic) are broken down into shorter chains of Hydrocarbons with the help of heat and pressure.
A catalyst is added to lower the temperature and increase the yield.

it’s a Complex Process and also dangerous because we are dealing with Hydrocarbons.
For Understand Purpose The Process of Plastic Pyrolysis means Simply Extracting The Usable Fuel Oil From Waste plastic.

In order to extract the oil, plastic needs to be heated to over 400 °C, in absence of oxygen At this temperature, the long-chain molecules from the plastic are cracked and produce synthetic crude oil
That’s it.

And it is very hard to explain that complex process but If you want to learn more about this topic Here are some links to other websites and videos :

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Recycle Food Waste with Grind2Energy™

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What if you could make food waste cleanup easier and more efficient, improving hygiene and simplifying waste streams?

And what if you could turn that food waste into renewable energy?

Now you can.

We are revolutionizing how retailers manage inedible food scraps and oils by recycling unavoidable food waste into renewable energy and beneficial fertilizers, instead of decomposing in a landfill.

For more information on how your facility can recycle food waste, contact the Grind2Energy™ Team at:

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3 Ways Recycling Saves Energy

Recycling saves energy and natural resources and helps eliminate pollution. Generating non-recycled items uses more energy than using recycled materials.
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Single Reaction With Recycle

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Single Reaction With Recycle

Determines production rates and purge stream conditions for a single reaction with recycle and purge. Made by faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Reviewed by faculty from other academic institutions.

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Group 9 Class TF B

Eka Agusta Fathun Ni’am (45530)
Firman Yuda Pratama Putra (45536)
Hafidz Ayatullah (45992)
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China develops technology to recycle kitchen waste into energy sources

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China is exploring new technologies to recycle kitchen waste into energy sources including biodiesel and methane gas. One facility in Shanghai can reportedly extract about 18 tonnes of crude biofuel from about 1,000 tonnes of such waste.

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