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Introduction to Renewable Energy and its types – Introduction Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

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Introduction to Renewable Energy and its types - Introduction Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Subject – Renewable Energy Sources

Video Name – Introduction to Renewable Energy and its types

Chapter – Introduction Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Faculty – Prof. Shyni Nambiyar

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MASSIVE Storage. THIS is How To Power the Grid With 100% Renewable Energy!

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MASSIVE Storage. THIS is How To Power the Grid With 100% Renewable Energy!

Big batteries are perhaps the key to making a completely renewably powered grid possible. Luckily there are already some massive ones paving the way. This week Imogen visited Europe’s largest battery energy storage system, Pillswood in Hull to find out how Harmony Energy is getting as much clean energy from Dogger Bank, the world’s biggest wind farm, onshore and into our homes. But these are no ordinary batteries, at 200 MWh these Tesla Megapacks are decked out with Artificial Intelligence, these are working to make the grid both renewable and flexible.

00:00 Massive Megapacks
00:36 Intermittency of Renewable Energy
01:28 Largest Storage in Europe
01:53 Charging and Discharging
03:19 How do you build it?!
04:33 Artificial Intelligence
05:26 Managing the Grid
06:12 100% Clean Energy System
06:52 The Future of Energy?!

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Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

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BECCS, or Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage, is a technology that the IPCC has factored into their climate modelling. If it is to have the effect of keeping their models to well below 2 degrees Celsius of warming compared to pre-industrial levels then it will need to be implemented on a vast scale around the globe.
This week we take a snapshot of scientific and journalistic analysis of this controversial proposal.

All references are set out below –

New maps pinpoint the potential for BECCS across the US—a-reality-check.pdf!divAbstrac

New maps pinpoint the potential for BECCS across the US

BECCS it, says the CCC

Guest post: Six key policy challenges to achieving ‘negative emissions’ with BECCS

Guest post: Why BECCS might not produce ‘negative’ emissions after all

World can limit global warming to 1.5C ‘without BECCS’

BECCS: Climate saviour or dangerous hype?

#BECCS #climatechange #globalwarming
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Renewable Energy Storage: No Wind, No Sun, Now What?

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Solar panels and wind turbines are great, so long as the sun shines and the wind blows. But what if they do not? Well, then we store the energy. But how? In this video I explain how high the risk of a cold, dark, and windless period is — the “cold Dunkelflaute”, and what energy storage we need for intermittent renewables.

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The figure I show at 1 minute 49 seconds is from this report:

The estimate from the German Weather Service that I mention at 2 minutes 46 seconds is here:

The figure I show at 2 minutes 53 seconds is from this paper:

The paper about the reliability of solar and wind which I discuss at about 3 minutes is this:

The paper I mention at 4 mins 40 seconds is this:

The data for installed storage capacity I show at 6 mins 10 seconds is from here:

The paper with the estimates for carbon dioxide emissions from storage is here:

The estimate for the carbon footprint of lithium-ion batteries is from here:

And the Swedish report that I mention at 16 mins is here:

Many thanks to Jordi Busqué for helping with this video

00:00 Intro
00:31 The Dunkelflaute Problem
07:07 Energy Storage Options
14:04 Carbon Footprint of Energy Storage
16:59 What Do We Learn From This?
17:32 Sponsor Message

#science #environment #climatechange
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EGU2012: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: renewable energy & CO2 storage (PC3)

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Press Conference at the 2012 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union. (Credit: EGU/

The European Geosciences Union (EGU, is Europe’s premier geosciences union, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences for the benefit of humanity, worldwide. It is a non-profit interdisciplinary learned association of scientists founded in 2002. The EGU has a current portfolio of 14 diverse scientific journals, which use an innovative open-access format, and organises a number of topical meetings, and education and outreach activities. Its annual General Assembly is the largest and most prominent European geosciences event, attracting over 10,000 scientists from all over the world. The meeting’s sessions cover a wide range of topics, including volcanology, planetary exploration, the Earth’s internal structure and atmosphere, climate change, and renewable energies.
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Wind turbine energy storage – IN 60 SECONDS

Renewable Energy No Comments » Can we store the electricity from wind energy when we make more than we need? This 60 sec video shows how energy could be stored. As it is a crucial component in the transition towards a clean energy economy. Watch the video to learn more! At DOB-Academy we have a passion for sharing knowledge and that is why we created the 60 second lectures series, that you can watch here.

Hydroelectric Power Plant || Hydro Power Plant || Pumped Storage Power Plant

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Hydroelectric Power Plant || Hydro Power Plant || Pumped Storage Power Plant

world’s largest hydroelectric power plant –

At thermal power station generate electricity from steam to convert water from water to steam high grade of coal burned at the thermal station. but in hydroelectric power stations, direct water is used to generate electricity.
the hydroelectric power plant is the best renewable power plant, the hydro plant is purely environmentally friendly.
in this video talking about how hydroelectric power plant works and also talking about pumped storage hydroelectric plant, their working efficiency and cost of the plant.

topic covered in this video

hydroelectric power plant working
pumped-storage power plant
how hydroelectric power generation work
pump storage hydropower different from the hydropower station
the efficiency of the hydroelectric plant
cost of hydroelectric plant
synchronous generator at hydropower plant
penstock pipe


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Are Stirling Engines the Future of Renewable Energy Storage?

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Are Stirling Engines the Future of Renewable Energy Storage?

Are Stirling Engines the Future of Renewable Energy Storage? Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! Thanks to the rise of intermittent renewable energy sources, we’ve seen increased demand for new energy storage technologies, like batteries, pumped storage hydropower, and flywheels. But what if I told you that this little toy, a 200-year-old invention, combined with thermal energy storage might be a promising solution? Let’s explore the Stirling Engine and the future of renewable energy storage.

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Video script and citations:

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Building large-scale renewable energy projects demands time, money, human capital, and risk tolerance. Most renewable projects would never be built without the involvement of third-party debt and equity investors. Understanding the essential assets, financial attributes and risks associated with renewables projects is prerequisite to an understanding of renewable project financing. It also provides insights into public policies, consumer preferences, economies of scale and other macro topics that will influence the future of renewables. With this overview in mind, we will address the following questions:

What are the most common types of financings available for utility-scale wind and solar energy generation projects?
At what points in a project’s life cycle do financings come into play?
What assets are necessary for these financings, and what economic incentives and considerations shape these investments?
What are “offtake agreements”, and what role do they play in a project’s operations and financings?
What is “tax equity financing”, and how do the federal “Production Tax Credit” (for wind) and “Investment Tax Credit” (primarily for solar) benefit renewable projects?

What are the macro drivers of new renewables investments, and what opportunities exist to expand renewables?
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KRAFTBLOCK's Energy Storage Systems Recycle Waste Energy

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KRAFTBLOCK builds universally applicable high temperature energy storage systems to recycle waste energy and to perform sector coupling.

Berlin is the second stop of the Get in the Ring Impact Competition, powered by ImpactCity and Unknown Group. We challenged German impact venturers – are their food, water or energy solutions bold enough to scale globally? We chose the 18 most promising ventures to dealmaking meetings on November 24, where they will test and prove and their impact solution with our curation of scaling partners and investors. Check out the entire list here:

For more information about the Impact Competition, visit

Video made via Vormats (

Thermal Battery – Solution to All Problems with Renewable Energy? (Thermal Energy Storage)

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Thermal Battery – Solution to All Problems with Renewable Energy? (Thermal Energy Storage)

Are this technology the solution to all problems with renewal energy? Thermal battery are a technology used as a method of storing clean renewable energy. This is especially beneficial for intermittent renewable energy sources such as the sun and wind. There are various types of thermal batteries, which operate uniquely form each other. This video specifically focuses on the Thermal Energy Storage Method Dealing with Silicon as the Phase Change Material

Two Australian companies CCT Energy Storage and 1414 Degrees are currently making use of Silicon as the Phase Change Material for their respective Thermal Storage Systems (Thermal Batteries).

Silicon possess several properties making it a far better alternative than Lithium-ion, being cheaper and more energy dense.

Thermal Energy Batteries (Thermal Energy Storage Devices) shows immense potential and will definitely play a vital role in the future of renewable energy.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 What is Thermal Energy Storage?
1:32 Types of Thermal Energy Storage
2:06 The ideal Phase Change Material (PCM)?
2:49 Complications of thermal batteries
3:12 Will thermal batteries be used?


[5]: ;

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