Thermal Battery – Solution to All Problems with Renewable Energy? (Thermal Energy Storage)

Are this technology the solution to all problems with renewal energy? Thermal battery are a technology used as a method of storing clean renewable energy. This is especially beneficial for intermittent renewable energy sources such as the sun and wind. There are various types of thermal batteries, which operate uniquely form each other. This video specifically focuses on the Thermal Energy Storage Method Dealing with Silicon as the Phase Change Material

Two Australian companies CCT Energy Storage and 1414 Degrees are currently making use of Silicon as the Phase Change Material for their respective Thermal Storage Systems (Thermal Batteries).

Silicon possess several properties making it a far better alternative than Lithium-ion, being cheaper and more energy dense.

Thermal Energy Batteries (Thermal Energy Storage Devices) shows immense potential and will definitely play a vital role in the future of renewable energy.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 What is Thermal Energy Storage?
1:32 Types of Thermal Energy Storage
2:06 The ideal Phase Change Material (PCM)?
2:49 Complications of thermal batteries
3:12 Will thermal batteries be used?


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