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An often missed step in providing your home with better energy efficiency are your window coverings! Our products here at Select Blinds are certain to help in regards to your money saving ventures when it comes to your energy efficiency. We offer products specifically made to aid in lowering your electric bill. Watch the video to learn more!

Video Transcript:
Creating and maintaining an energy-efficient home means saving money while having a more comfortable home. And the easiest way to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to upgrade your window coverings. The right window coverings will provide better window insulation, keeping the cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer out of your home. This means you use less energy and ultimately save on energy costs. Here are some of your options:

Shutters and Venetian blinds give you great light control, which helps with energy efficiency. Lighter colored blinds with closed slats will reflect the heat gain by about 45%, according to the Department of Energy. This is ideal for those wanting a timeless look with the modern benefits of energy efficiency.

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, have tiny cells that trap unwanted air, temperature, and even noise. For even more energy efficiency, choose double cells. Blackout cell shades provide the best insulation because they block outside light, keeping your home’s interior comfortable.

The majority of your shades, including roller, sheer, and pleated shades, come in a variety of colors, and they’re available in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics. Light filtering shades help to minimize the harshness of the sun by diffusing the light and giving your space a soft glow. Room darkening and blackout shades prevent the most light from coming into your home. Some of our shades even have the option of a privacy or blackout liner, so you can get the look you want with the energy efficiency you need.
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