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Ocean Energy – Wave Power Station

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The functionality of the wave power station developed by Voith Hydro ( Animation produced by the company “i-explain” ( This video explains the function of the Wave Power Station with Wells turbine. This plant was shut down. It was built mainly as a test plant. There is a new bigger plant in Spain, near Bilbao – Mutriku Wave Power Plant. ( Yes, this video is old, but it still explains the functionality of this power plant, so please don`t complain about it.​
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Subject – Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Video Name – Tidal Energy

Chapter – Other Sources

Faculty – Prof. Shyni Nambiyar

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Homemade Hydro Electric Station! Alternative energy! Free Electricity! Autonomous energy

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#2 Free Electricity! Homemade Hydro Electric Station! Alternative energy! Autonomous energy

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A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through an electrochemical reaction of hydrogen fuel with oxygen or another oxidizing agent. Fuel cells are different from batteries in requiring a continuous source of fuel and oxygen (usually from air) to sustain the chemical reaction, whereas in a battery the chemical energy comes from chemicals already present in the battery. Fuel cells can produce electricity continuously for as long as fuel and oxygen are supplied.

The first fuel cells were invented in 1838. The first commercial use of fuel cells came more than a century later in NASA space programmes to generate power for satellites and space capsules. Since then, fuel cells have been used in many other applications. Fuel cells are used for primary and backup power for commercial, industrial and residential buildings and in remote or inaccessible areas. They are also used to power fuel cell vehicles, including forklifts, automobiles, buses, boats, motorcycles and submarines. – From Wikipedia

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LEGO 9688 Renewable Energy Add-on Set – M&M Solar Station

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Intro video for the LEGO Renewable Energy Add-on Set (9688).

Machines & Mechanisms – Solar Station

Novogradac’s Tyler Gibbs provides an overview of how renewable energy tax credits (RETCs) work as part of the “Renewable Energy Tax Credits 101: The Basics” webinar in 2012. Visit to learn more.

Do you have questions about the topics presented in this video? Submit this form ( and Michael Novogradac, CPA, may answer your question on his weekly Novogradac Tax Credit Tuesday podcast, available from or iTunes.
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