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AWESOME WATER POWER 500w Hydro Electric Off Grid System

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AWESOME WATER POWER 500w Hydro Electric Off Grid System

This 4 nozzle micro hydro system is making 500 plus watts of power for an of grid cabin in the woods. First up is the intake. A stainless steel Coanda screen pulls over 200 gallons per minute to reduce the debris that enters the system. Next is a 4″ penstock to carry the water from the source to the pma or permanent magnet alternator. This PMA has four nozzles that sweep around the unit on all sides. The water jets made by these nozzles push the spoons or cups on the pelton wheel. Wild 3 phase AC power is sent to the house. A rectifier converts the wild ac to direct current. This is used by the charge controller to store in the battery and finally be used in the house from an 8kw off grid inverter.

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Health Benefits of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in our Transportation System

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The video begins at 5:58.
Seminar Speaker:
Mel Rader, Co-Director, Upstream Public Health
Event Date:
Friday, January 22, 2010 – 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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By utilizing a mobile capture concept, University of Michigan researchers have designed a way to capture 70-80 percent of all CO2 emissions from truck exhaust pipes. The effort aims to help curb climate change.

Climate change is a pressing issue, and carbon dioxide emissions greatly contribute. This process being developed to collect heavy duty exhaust will help reduce emissions and is a renewable process. Once capacity in the tank is reached, steam or hot gas can be used to recycle the materials and repeat the cycle over and over.

This video features Christina Reynolds, PhD Candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Christian M. Lastoskie, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


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The University of Michigan College of Engineering is one of the world’s top engineering schools. Michigan Engineering is home to 12 highly-ranked departments for both undergraduate and graduate studies, with over 80,000 alumni around the globe.


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BIPV Building Integrated Solar PV System | BIPV Solar Panels | BIPV Solar Technology

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This video covers BIPV Building Integrated Solar PV System.

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Hi everyone this is Ajeet from Adwit Solar

What is BIPV solar
What is building integrated solar PV system
How BIPV solar works
How BIPV solar installed
What is advantages or features of BIPV
Types of PV panels used in BIPV
Applications of BIPV systems
BIPV solar panels
BIPV solar
Disadvantages or challenges of BIPV solar system
BIPV solar technology
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Off Grid Micro Hydro – The Dream System!?

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This Off Grid Micro Hydro Power System may be the Dream System. It literally produces too much power. Although, if you like hot running water that’s not a bad thing.

Check out how this Off Grid Homestead deals with the excess energy from their micro hydro power system.

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Harnessing Hydropower Energy and Installation of free electrical system for cabin camp | OFF GRID

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Harnessing Hydropower Energy and Installation of free electrical system for cabin camp | OFF GRID Ep.16

#bushcraftcamp #HydropowerEnergy #buildingalogcabin #SolarEnergy #waterEnergy #Energyforoffgrid #electricalsystem #freeEnergy #anabushcraft

Ana’s has lived alone here for a while, The electric power system that Ana’s is using is powered by a small 1000w turbine. After building the small cabin, Ana’s needed to install the electrical system for the house. Today Ana’s will upgrade the flow and ensure enough water for Ana’s hydroelectric system to work properly and provide enough electricity for Ana’s house. Do you see Ana’s installed correctly? Please leave your comments in the comments section. Hope you guys enjoy the work Ana’s is doing and See you in the next videos on Ana’s bushcraft channel.

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FULL VIDEO : Installing a rudimentary electric power system from water…

FULL VIDEO : Building a Log Cabin . . .

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Modeling of Renewable Energy Resources (Modeling of Wind Energy System)

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This lecture video cover the topic Wind Power Generation system, Wind Turbine Modeling, Electrical Generator Modeling, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Control.

Solar Panel System, Prices In The Philippines.

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Solar Panel System, Prices In The Philippines.

We visit an onsite Solar Panel System installation in the Philippines, and an engineer talks us through the system. We also discuss return of investment (4 Years), available warranties, and the costs of a typical system. The store where these products are available is located at TPE Building, Banilad, Unit 105, Governor M. Cuenco Avenue. Cebu City 6000, Philippines. Tel: (+63) 32 239 6591

Village People Philippines
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How to Save Energy and Money with your Gaming System

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If you have kids, you probably have at least one video game system in your home, and they can be a big energy suck. There are energy settings on gaming consoles that can save money on your energy bill.

Xbox 360 – Instant on uses more energy, so turn it off and use nearly 98% less power while not in use.
Xbox Connect – Unplug it when it is not in use.
Playstation 4 – The latest software update will allow the machine to go into a low power mode after 1 hour of inactivity. And in Power Save Settings – set the time before power goes off. Set time limits for the machine to stop using power when not in use.
Wii U – These are already set up for energy efficiency.

Streaming – Stream through a computer or tablet, as streaming through a game console takes up to 10 times more power.

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