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Ultimate Awesome Over 800w of Micro Hydro Power

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I travel to a home in the mountains of Western North Carolina to meet Jay. He has come up with a way to pull a portion of water out of a creek and into two permanent magnet alternators. He feeds the power to the house to supplement what is used. Jay is using Langston Alternative Power for his setup and makes around 800 watts.
This system is making water power by spinning two pma’s that send AC power to the house. Rectifiers convert the AC power to DC power so that it can be stored in batteries. This power goes to dedicated circuits in the home. Now if the batteries voltage drops low the grid power takes over again.

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The Ultimate Illegal Research ! Permanent Magnets Outlawed. Alternate Energy FORBIDDEN #4.

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Both Phased Stator Array, & Spring-Damped Oscillating Stator/Repulsor are demonstrated…
Forward & Reverse Action, in Realtime…; nothing hidden.
My thanks to @Tomken8d2 for suggesting, & championing, the idea of a Sprung Oscillating Repulsor…; it would be great to see Tom prove me wrong on this one, but I’ve FELT the Field Interactions & you can see it in Clip #1 of the Series.
There are 360 Degrees in a Circle, the Magnetic Fields go in Circlular Tori, & Opposite Faces repel as strongly at their Edge as the Centre of the Face.
Quod Errat Demonstrandum…