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Grenlec Renewal Energy Video

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As the global movement to go green gains momentum, Grenlec has led the research and investment in alternative sources of energy on island.
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Gundry MD Scam - Dr Kahn vs Dr Gundry on The Doctors

Gundry MD Scam. Dr. Gundry on The Doctors. Are beans good for you? Dr. Joel Kahn vs. Gundry MD. Are beans bad for you? Are beans good for weight loss? Are beans fattening? Beans health benefits. Do you need to pressure cook beans? The plant Paradox diet.

Are beans healthy? Yes.

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Yes, beans are very healthy. Beans and legumes are affordable, high in protein and fiber and may have blood sugar stabilizing effects. Avoid The Fad diet trap. Subscribe for more.

Full segment of dr. Khan and dr. gundry on the doctors

Full interview of dr. Joel Kahn on the Rich Roll podcast

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Covanta Recycle Energy Video Producer Lou Turner

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Covanta Recycle Energy Video Producer Lou Turner

Covanta Recycle Energy – Recycling to make electricity – Video Producer Lou Turner

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, to enjoy a better life | Educational Video for Kids.

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The three Rs

Hello I am the Earth, yup the very planet you live on. There are three words which start with the letter R which I love. They are: Reduce, reuse and recycle. Do you know why I love them so much? Because they are almost magical words. Together they can make all living things as well as myself be happier. I said that they are “almost” magical because without your help it won’t work, they need all of you children in order to do the trick. Each and every one of you are the real 3Rs magicians, those three words which can change the world. Do you want to know how? Yes? Well let’s find out.

The first R is for reduce. If you think about it, there are many things you don’t need. When you go to the supermarket, I am sure you could take your own canvas bags instead of using disposable ones given to you. This way you will be reducing the amount of plastic which is very contaminating. And I am sure that you don’t need to print out so many documents or photos, nor leave the lights, television or computer on when you are not using them. If you remember this, you will be reducing the amount of paper being used as well as energy, and in turn will be helping reduce the contamination. And these are just a few examples. I am sure you can think of many more different ways to reduce what you are using or creating unnecessary waste. The following question will help you with this task: Do I really need this or is this just a whim?
The second R is for recycling. Now it is easier than ever to recycle things we don’t need any more so that they can be reused. Near your home you can find places, like the recycling station and containers for cans, plastic, paper or organic waste. They each have their specific colors to make them easier. By using them, you will avoid contaminating nature, the rivers and seas as well as the atmosphere, which is the air we breathe.

And finally we have the third R, which refers to reuse. How many things do you think we can reuse again and again instead of throwing them away? Let´s see…a piece of paper that has only one side printed on it, a carton box, a plastic bottle…you think now. With just a bit of imagination, I am sure you will come up with many more exciting and fun new uses for them.
And remember: if you apply the 3Rs rule, you will make me a much cleaner planet, with less contamination and where we all can enjoy a better life.

Because as you know…children can make the world of difference.

BASF Video: Energy efficiency — The World in 2030

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Energy efficiency is the most important single future source of energy to supply the growing energy demand and to protect the climate. Being energy efficient in industry, mobility and housing will offer the biggest potential to use energy more efficient. Just through energy efficiency and with already existing technologies it’s possible to curb our predicted increasing global energy demand and thus the CO2-emissions by the year 2030 significantly.

In this special video edition of our podcast “Chemistry of Innovations” you will learn how energy efficiency helps to protect the climate.
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