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Solar power has exploded over the past 2 decades, and prices for solar panels have absolutely plummeted. But as great as solar is, it has a problem, they’re unless at night. But it’s always daytime somewhere, and we already have roads and fiber optic lines that span continents, so what if we built a worldwide power grid and solar network? Would it even be possible, what would it cost, and would it be worth it? I was so curious about this, that I decided to make a video, so let’s dive in. INSANE Plan Fixes Energy Crisis With a Worldwide Solar Network! Is It Possible To Build a World-Wide Solar Network?

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00:00 Introduction
02:20 The Premise
05:51 Locations
07:28 The Solar Panels
09:56 Thermal Solar?
10:39 Power Transmission
12:13 DC vs AC
13:14 Wire Material
14:55 Other Challenges
16:52 Conclusions

what we’ll cover
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