Addressing climate change—particularly at reasonable cost—will require advancements in a range of energy-related technologies. The Advanced Energy Technologies Series accompanies the work RFF researchers are undertaking to understand and examine the cost trajectories and future deployment potential of these technologies.

On September 15, 2020, RFF hosted a webinar focused on the uses of geothermal energy/enhanced geothermal systems in both direct heating and low-carbon electricity generation. Geothermal energy experts Todd Cowen (Cornell University) and Tim Latimer (Fervo Energy) discussed the state of geothermal technology, the challenges that currently exist, and recent policy drivers impacting geothermal energy. RFF Senior Fellow and Future of Power Initiative Director Karen Palmer then moderated a Q&A session.

Geothermal Energy in Iceland

ProBusiness Video of Salt Lake City, Utah produced this story about the most inventive, progressive and eco-friendly energy system in the world is the cornerstone of a national consciousness that is a blueprint for the world’s future.
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