Bit of a rollercoaster vlog this one people ,looking at Castle Coch in Wales ,and the possible use of an alternative energy source in Victorian fireplaces .We look at the burning of Libraries ,and i present a middle ages text with highly detailed depictions ,Also questions concerning a mud flood building in my city Cardiff( please excuse the personal call during this vlog i left the call in this post as i thought it very important as you will see) real life drama .And then we look at mud flood building across our plane ,and finish with the art work of Huber Robert eighteenth century artist and engraver ,which shows the aftermath of the hidden events of that time.lots in this people sorry about the call ,and please make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell for future vlogs. all the channels mention will be linked and all the juice of the day. FEB Sub Wise Up Rebelwithoutacause Captain Kirk Persian Scribe Conspiracy R Us Mud Flood VM Nathan Oakley being epic , For a giggle Dog Boy Malone enjoy. and the juice Buzz comes clean Thanks people for a FEB pin Ebay & to support FEB in any way .. i will be back very soon God willing with more cool stuff oi! 🙂
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