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How America can leave fossil fuels behind, in one chart | 2020 Election

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And what the US election means for climate change.

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All of recorded human history has happened during a period in which the average global temperature didn’t change by more than 1 degree Celsius. But the burning of fossil fuels has triggered a temperature rise projected to exceed 3 degrees by the end of the century. It will be catastrophic. But it can be avoided if we massively scale back the burning of fossil fuels.

The US isn’t the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, but it’s emitted more carbon dioxide in total than any other country. So the US has an important role to play in global decarbonization; the world basically can’t get there without the US’s full participation. But the current US president doesn’t have any plans to do that. His Democratic challenger in the 2020 election, Joe Biden, does.

Biden’s plan is ambitious: Its goal is to completely transition the US to clean energy by 2050. But his plan doesn’t get into the details of exactly how that will happen. For that, we talked to physicist and engineer Saul Griffith, who took us through his incredibly detailed road map for how the US could actually walk away from fossil fuels in the next 30 years.

This was the first in our series of 2020 election explainers, all based on viewer suggestions. Watch the others, which cover the stakes of the election on:
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You can check out Saul Griffith’s report on decarbonizing the US through electrification at Rewiring America:

And explore his Sankey diagram of the US energy economy in detail here:

To read more about the fluctuations in Earth’s global average temperature and why the current spike is so dangerous, check these sources:

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You can dig into historic carbon emissions by country or region at Our World in Data:

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Behind the Waves: Energy Efficiency Onboard Disney Cruise Line

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Behind the Waves: Energy Efficiency Onboard Disney Cruise Line

Go Behind the Waves of Disney Cruise Line with Disney Channel star Jenna Ortega from the hit TV series Stuck in the Middle. In this final installment, Jenna discovers the many “bright” ideas Disney Cruise Line practices to conserve energy, from the design of our ships to the propulsion system that keeps the fleet on the move. To read more, visit the Disney Parks Blog:


About Disney Cruise Line:
Disney Cruise Line offers a vacation experience unlike any other that magically brings families together while providing unparalleled kid fun and relaxing adult time. Discover what sets us apart during a one-of-a-kind voyage that includes the world-class hospitality, legendary service and attention to detail that Disney is famous for—it’s magic only Disney could provide.

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Behind the Waves: Energy Efficiency Onboard Disney Cruise Line
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Michael and Michelle were very involved with the design of their Passive House. They wanted a house that was beautiful, but also very energy efficient. Their beautiful bungalow uses less energy than it makes (net positive). “We can heat and cool the house with less than you’d use for running a hairdryer!”, says Michael. Using Passive House principles they were able to build a house that was efficient with space, efficient with energy, and would allow them to pass a positive sustainability message onto the next generation. See a tour of their beautifully quiet and comfortable Passive House!

Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Custom Bilt Metals
Barnlight Electric gooseneck LED fixtures on interior
Real Carriage Door sliding hardware
Intus windows & doors (unfortunately no longer selling to the residential market)
Ylighting (online store I ordered most of the lighting from)
Kitchen cabinets from KnocKnock
Seiho vent grills
D’mand hot water re-circ
Zehnder HRV
Stiebel Eltron heat pump hot water heater
H2O water filtration.
Rockwool mineral wool exterior rigid insulation
Henry Blu-skin air barrier
Intus windows
Sunpower PV array
Siemens EV charger
Gray water plumbing
Cool roof by Custom Bilt Metal roofing.
Exterior Solar-powered blinds by European Rolling Shutters

00:00 Meet the homeowners Michael Michelle
00:33 The design concept
00:55 The design process
01:12 Electric appliances and car powered by solar
01:53 Designing the house as a system
02:21 Efficient use of space
02:52 Building according to your ethics
03:18 Living in a comfortable Passive House inspired home
04:04 Building for the world you want

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Our videos help you renovate or build more sustainably for a more comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy-efficient home.

Rise is an award-winning B Corp that makes business decisions that benefit people and the planet before profits and is fast becoming the trusted online resource in sustainable home improvement, renovation, and building.


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The Hidden Truth Behind Sweden's Waste Disposal Infrastructure

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To Burn or Not to Burn: In Sweden, waste incineration plants convert excess and non-recycled rubbish into energy. The Swedish government classifies this process as recycling, but is this form of waste disposal really sustainable?

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At a waste incineration plant in Västerås, Sweden, sixty tonnes of waste are burnt every hour, converting it into energy for electricity and hot water. Sweden has 34 waste-to-energy furnaces and the country makes over 0 million a year importing and burning waste from other countries. “We see it as a kind of recycling”, says Jocke Hook, who works at the Västerås plant. Yet much of the waste burnt is plastic and, as Professor Goran Finnveden explains, “if you incinerate plastic you get carbon dioxide emissions”. Indeed Joan-Marc Simon of Zero Waste Europe believes that the number of incinerators will soon fall. “We’re going to see incinerators closing down in Europe because they’re going to have less waste to burn and recycling is going to go up.”

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China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC

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Richard Engel looks at how countries like India are pushing for a greener future, and China is leading the way in wind and solar manufacturing and the jobs that come with it, while Donald Trump holds the U.S. back with a focus on coal.
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China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC
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