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American Waste Control is Oklahoma's Only Collection, Recycle, Waste-to-Energy Disposal Company

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American Waste Control is Oklahoma's Only Collection, Recycle, Waste-to-Energy Disposal Company

At American Waste Control, we have a passion for educating the next generation on the importance of recycling to keep our city looking beautiful. We truly believe that helping the environment and improving the lives of our neighbors starts with the simple things—like recycling and ends with turning on our neighbors lights. We call it the big picture.

So, what does the big picture look like? This amazing video helps explain the entire process visually and dramatically.
Our Mr. Murph program offers over 600 different sites in Green Country for you to drop off accepted recyclables. From there, these items are taken to our Tulsa Recycle and Transfer campus, where they are sorted utilizing our state-of-the-art MRF facility. The location is also home to the Tulsa Indoor Dump, a convenient and easy way to dispose of items without driving all the way to a landfill.

Items that cannot be recycled are sorted and hauled to our stunning American Environmental Landfill location in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. This beautiful stretch of rolling hills is home to the American Therapeutic Riding Center for disabled children, a large herd of Texas Longhorn cattle, honeybee hives, Monarch butterflies, and so much more. It is also the only waste-to-energy center in the state, providing thousands of families the energy they need to operate their homes by capturing methane gasses emitted from waste.

From tossing a soda can or plastic water bottle in a Mr. Murph collection container to providing lights for Green Country residents, the big picture is about more than just American Waste Control’s effort to make Tulsa more beautiful by reducing waste. It is part of ensuring everyone in the community enjoys a better tomorrow.
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The Hidden Truth Behind Sweden's Waste Disposal Infrastructure

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To Burn or Not to Burn: In Sweden, waste incineration plants convert excess and non-recycled rubbish into energy. The Swedish government classifies this process as recycling, but is this form of waste disposal really sustainable?

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At a waste incineration plant in Västerås, Sweden, sixty tonnes of waste are burnt every hour, converting it into energy for electricity and hot water. Sweden has 34 waste-to-energy furnaces and the country makes over 0 million a year importing and burning waste from other countries. “We see it as a kind of recycling”, says Jocke Hook, who works at the Västerås plant. Yet much of the waste burnt is plastic and, as Professor Goran Finnveden explains, “if you incinerate plastic you get carbon dioxide emissions”. Indeed Joan-Marc Simon of Zero Waste Europe believes that the number of incinerators will soon fall. “We’re going to see incinerators closing down in Europe because they’re going to have less waste to burn and recycling is going to go up.”

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