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The Cutting Edge of Energy Efficiency in Buildings | Sara Neff | Energy Seminar

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Buildings represent approximately 40% of American carbon emissions. As the climate crisis worsens, building owners are now thinking about their energy use in completely different ways as many race to achieve carbon neutral operations. This talk will go through the current cutting edge of energy efficiency in buildings, onsite renewables and storage, building electrification and offsite power procurement with the goal of charting the path to net zero emissions related to energy consumption.

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Sara Neff is Senior Vice President, Sustainability at Kilroy Realty Corporation.
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Energy Efficient Buildings | Clean Power | Changemakers | ENDEVR Documentary

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Energy Efficient Buildings | Clean Power | Changemakers | Business Documentary from 2009

In this episode we look at the home of the future. A gizmo that generates clean power within
your house; a skyscraper combo-glass that insulates from the tropical heat, is self-cleaning – and
actually generates electricity for the building from the sunlight that falls on it; and the professors in Taiwan busy pulling down walls and digging up concrete, making a start on turning the ultra-urban Taipei into a haven for streams and wild plants.

Had enough of eco-doom and gloom? Taking swimming lessons to cope with the rising sea-levels after climate change? This series looks at some of the weirdest climate change projects emerging from Asia. With its ever-increasing emissions comes the huge threat of climate change.
But Changemakers won’t take no for an answer. They’ve been told that Asia is the problem, with its ever-increasing emissions – but they also know that Asia, with its boundless energy and creativity, can come up with the solutions, too. Scientists and activists across all fields of science and technology are coming up with ideas large and small that all make a difference – and can help inspire others the world over.
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Energy efficiency in buildings | Veolia

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Energy efficiency has become a major issue both for attractiveness and competitiveness. In collaboration with its customers and partners, Veolia develops energy services that reconcile energy and environmental performance.

“How and why, at a glance”: What Veolia does. A video collection designed to simply explain, in motion graphics, the process and vocation of Veolia’s activities.


2016 – Veolia communication department
Production : Benoit de La Rochefordière
Agence Comçi-Comça :
Writing : Amélie Blanquet
Motion graphics : François Berthemet
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Ensure your combi-boiler is as energy efficient as it can be with these top tips from British Gas technical engineer, Chris.

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Energy 101: Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

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Learn how commercial buildings can incorporate whole-building design to save energy and money while enhancing performance and comfort. This video highlights several energy-saving features of the Research Support Facility at the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory—a model for high-performance office building design.

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Energy Efficiency 1 of 5 - Buildings

Amory Lovins lectures at Stanford University as the visiting MAP/MING Professor of Energy and Environment
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